About Molly Shea

Molly Shea is a writer from Indiana, She invites her readers to join her and her husband on their weekly adventures.  She and Rooster are committed to living a life of adventure one blog at a time. Travel the Indiana backroads with them or visit one of the Hoosier state’s many historical sites and museums. without leaving the comfort of home.

Included on this blog site are samples of the short stories Molly wrote for her 2018 NaNoWriMo challenge.  These street stories take place in the fictional community of Tecumseh, Indiana. This small Indiana city is the quirky place where the ladies in her Henhouse series live.

Riding motorcycles with her husband, Rooster, Molly Shea captures different aspects of life through the city and backroads of Indiana and other parts of the Midwest.  Sometimes they venture to places like New York City, where her son lives.

During the day, Molly works at a campus police station at a small University.  Consequently, this provides her with an endless stream of inspiration.

Molly’s Current Works in Process…….

Currently, Molly is working on editing a four-part book series,

Molly Shea’s Henhouse Series includes:

  1. Saving the Henhouse
  2. Super Chicks
  3. Three Cool Chicks: Alias the Tough Old Birds
  4. Support Your Local Hens

Due to Molly’s wide range of experience in the biker community and law enforcement, she brings a unique twist to the Henhouse Series. The story tells about the adventures of three middle-aged ladies (i.e., Naomi, Colleen, and Elba Mae) who take up bounty hunting to save their struggling flower shop — The Henhouse.

Ironically, Molly has known several bounty hunters within the Indiana biker community, which served as a muse to the fictional creation of these works.

Of the five novels submitted, Molly has won the NaNoWriMo competition for six consecutive years. Therefore, she has managed to write 50,000 words in the month of November.

Molly’s NaNoWriMo wins

  1. Circus People
  2. The Holiday Proposition
  3. A Change is Going to Come (co-authored with Elba Mae Johnson)
  4. The Curse
  5. Fortunes Revenge
  6. Tecumseh Street Stories
  7. The White Gate
Molly Shea
Molly Shea

Molly has accumulated a body of work to her credit. She might be able to get something in print if she could stop editing. As an extension to her work as an author, Molly has expanded her body of work in the weekly Adventure blog and collection of short stories that can be found here!