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This review of Izzy & Eddy’s restaurant was written By Molly Shea in the year 2018. We still don’t know if the establishment survived the 2020 COVID=19  closures.

   Tipton, Indiana Eating Establishment

Rooster and I crawled out of bed on a frigid October morning and went searching for a home-cooked breakfast. We found it at Izzy & Eddy’s Restaurant in Tipton, Indiana. We’d never been there before, therefore, we thought we’d give the eating establishment a try.

The goal of one of our Saturday adventures is to find a fresh experience by traveling uncharted territory. We might visit a city we’ve never set foot in before. We could have a new adventure by trying something out of our comfort zone.

Consequently, we are always in search of a restaurant where we’ve never broken bread. Rooster did a quick internet search and came up with Izzy & Eddy’s Restaurant. We didn’t know either Izzy or Eddy, so we didn’t have a pony in the race. Tipton isn’t known for being the culinary capital of the world, but we thought it might turn into an exciting adventure.

The weather turned cold. It was too breezy for a motorcycle ride, so we climbed into the Sunshine mobile and made the drive to Tipton. The restaurant is located a few miles east of the new Chrysler plant, thus it wasn’t hard to find. The address for this eatery is 122 Sweetwater Avenue.

The diner-style restaurant was located in a tiny brick strip mall type building. It didn’t look like a place where you would find Izzy & Eddy’s Restaurant tucked inside. The neighborhood consists of single-family homes with a few businesses thrown in to keep things interesting. Tipton is one of those small country towns where farming is the main industry.

Firstly we felt comfortable with the surroundings once we walked inside. A friendly face smiled and greeted us a short time after we walked through the door. You could tell by the atmosphere Izzy and Eddy’s was located in the country. There was none of the hustle and bustle we’d find on a Saturday morning in a city restaurant.

Secondly, we were seated in an excellent location by a window. Rooster likes to look outside while he eats. He’s picky about where he’s seated in a restaurant. We glanced over the menu. I had the Farmer’s Special. Rooster decided on an omelet.

Thirdly, the food came to the table quickly. The French toast which came with my meal was tasty. The eggs were delicious, and not over or undercooked. The home fries were perfect. Rooster enjoyed his omelet. He reported that it was very tasty.

Lastly, the service was excellent. My coffee didn’t get cold the entire time we were sitting at the table. We found out they served a Sunday buffet. We made the decision to drive back after church the next day.

Our Return on Sunday

Rooster and I returned ti Izzy & Eddy’s Restaurant for the Sunday buffet. We found a number of tasty dishes. The ladies were quick to bring out more food as soon as we walked in the door. They close early on Sundays. We were their last customers, but they treated us like we were their first.

The fried chicken was the best we’ve had since we dined at Coop’s in the French Quarter on our last visit to New Orleans. Kentucky Fried Chicken has nothing on this place. The mashed potatoes were the real thing and not a powdery substance out of a box.  The buffet didn’t have a lot of items, but what was there was excellent.

The vegetables on the salad bar were fresh. The peach cobbler tasted like the stuff my Mama used to make. Overall, the two meals I enjoyed at Izzy & Eddie’s was good old fashioned down-home cooking. If you want fancy, you can take yourself down the road to Indianapolis. I left full and satisfied.

The Places Where the Restaurant fell Short of Perfection

The atmosphere at Izzy & Eddy’s Restaurant is nothing to write home about. There wasn’t any music playing in the background to set the mood. The décor didn’t stick to a consistent theme. There were quaint country pictures and homilies mixed in with golf paraphernalia.

Accordingly, it would be wise to play up the farm theme if they desire to attract a wider customer base than the local folks. I did like the family pictures hung in an old wooden window frame and the artwork done by local kids covering the back wall. Rooster and I both decided we’d go back again.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for comfort food at a reasonable price, go on over to Izzy and Eddy’s. Tell them the Hen House Lady sent you.

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Molly Shae’s Restaurant Score Card
  1.  The atmosphere had a country-style type appeal, but the restaurant was too silent without background music to set the mood. Thus, the restaurant earned a 4 point rating.
  2. . The food was tasty, but there wasn’t a house specialty to draw us back. Therefore, the restaurant earned a 3 point rating.
  3. . We received excellent service.  Thus, I give it a 4.5 rating.
  4.  The prices of the meal were reasonable. This made Rooster very happy, thus earning the eating establishment a 5 point rating.

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana, who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures click here.

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