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Rooster and I went to our first Broadway musical.  We discovered a great adventure at The Cher Show. #New York City #Broadway #The Cher Show

The Cher Show

I was worried about Rooster when our son ordered tickets to a musical. His idea of entertainment doesn’t consist of people singing and dancing mixed in with a little acting. His sense of a good time runs more on the lines of car chases, fight scenes, and things blowing up to create massive waves of chaos.

I’ve known my husband to fall asleep in the middle of a movie I thought would hold his interest. If a performer starts singing, Rooster’s eyes close. In a matter of minutes, his snoring escalates to a high decibel level. People sitting in the theatre around us start to stare. I’m forced to elbow him in the ribs to stop his sound effects.

Worse yet, he might get so bored he walks out to the lobby. If the music irritates him on a deep level,  he’ll wander to the parking lot and wait in the car. Entertainment requires action-packed mayhem to hold Rooster’s attention. I worried Rooster might view The Cher Show as a chick flick type musical, with a hefty dose of singing and dancing.  My husband would never sit through the entire show.  I was wrong.



Our seats were in the nosebleed section of the Neil Simon Theatre, but we had a good view of the stage. I tend to get dizzy from high perches like the seats where we were sitting. I was okay as long as I didn’t look down. The theme of this musical involved retelling of Cher’s history from childhood to present. The story to unfold on the stage would include three actresses from different part of Cher’s life.

I wasn’t sure they could pull this off without the story becoming a talking head scenario like a multiple personality disorder on crystal meth. It turns out they had a brilliant idea. The concept of the older Cher advising the younger Chers as she made the stroll down memory lane made the trip both exciting and fun. By the end of the play, I knew it was the perfect way for the story to be told.

How the story of Cher’s life was told

The play starts with the older Cher introducing us to the concept of the storytelling style when she tells the other two Chers, “Let’s do this, bitches.” The younger two Chers agree. The audience goes on a roller coaster ride through Cher’s life.

The story begins with young Cher on a tricycle. She’s explaining to her mother why she hates school. Right away her reasons strike a chord with us. She’s made fun of because of her dark hair. Cher’s Armenian father proved to be a mysterious figure in her life.

Why Cher is Influential in our lives.

Chris is a big Cher fan. He is also Armenian. He explained she was the first expression of his gayness he could embrace because his family supported Cher because of her Armenian blood. I also strongly identified with Cher as a teenager. I had long straight black hair. My father disappeared when I was five. I was a victim of teasing when I was a kid because the other kids at my school couldn’t figure out my racial identity. The song  Half Breed became my anthem.

Young Cher also told her mother about her frustration with reading. Those squiggly marks on the page made no sense to her.

This part of the story hit a soft spot for myself and my son. Kids weren’t diagnosed with dyslexia back in the 1960s. The only answers the school had for my mother included a permanent assignment to the slow reading group.  I was in the 7th grade before I was able to get the basics of the written word.  I always lagged behind the other kids when it came to spelling, math, and the written word.  However, four out of my five kids a condition called dyslexia.

Finally, I understood why we all struggled with words. Richard was one of those kids. It touched both of us. The play didn’t leave out or candy-coat Cher’s battle with dyslexia. The Cher Show resonated on a deeper level with Richard, Chris, and me, but what about Rooster?


Rooster’s Impression of The Cher Show

Intermission came, and I didn’t have a chance to talk to my husband. I had to rush to get in line to use the ladies’ room. I wasn’t the only one. When I came down from the nose-bleed section, there must have been a hundred women waiting in line. A bell sounded to let us know the play was about to start up again, and I still hadn’t made it to the door. I managed to do my business and make it back to my seat on time.

To my surprise, Rooster seemed to be enjoying himself. The second half of the play was as thrilling as the first. I never realized how many setbacks Cher suffered during her career. Every time she got knocked down, she found a way to rise again.

How Cher is so fascinating

Cher keeps reinventing herself with every twist and turn. The musical was a testimonial to perseverance, determination, and having the courage to believe in yourself. I loved the part when her mother suggests she should marry a rich man. Cher’s response was, “Mother, I am a rich man.” Everyone in the theatre stood to their feet at the end of the play.

We clapped to the music wishing it wouldn’t be over so soon. I thought the applause might bring down the roof. People leaving the theatre had giant smiles spread across their faces. The story was uplifting, the music was excellent, the dancers didn’t miss a beat, and the acting was right on the money.

Delima at the Ladies’ Room

The only criticism I have of the event is the long lines outside the ladies’ room, but that is a problem that will never be solved. I recommend The Cher Show to anyone visiting New York City. If a guy as opposed to musicals as Rooster can have a good time, it was worth the money to see the show. Rooster said the music made him feel exhilarated.


What we took away from The Cher Show

Rooster came away from New York with a whole new appreciation for musicals. Rooster thought an attractive older guy hit on in the lobby. That’s a real morale booster for an old guy like Rooster even if the person doing the flirting is another man. He found the situation humorous. Since we’ve been back in Indiana,

After we returned home

The Cher Show had its opening night to rounds of applause.  Only one guy texted during the performance. He attempted to cover up his actions by saying his post on social media included a positive review of The Cher Show. Seriously, put the cell phones out of sight people. The Beat must go on.

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