Yats Cajun-Creole Restaurant

On a snowy day, Rooster and I took a trip to Yats a Cajun-Creole restaurant In Indianapolis. We enjoyed a taste of New Orleans on a cold afternoon. #Yats #Cajun #Creole #resturant

YATS Cajun-Creole restaurant

On Saturday winter storm Harper showed up in our neck of the woods, and like an unwanted guest, it refused to leave. When did they start giving these snowstorms cute trendy names anyway? They need to stop. Since they began to call them something other than blizzards, freezing rain, below zero temperatures, and blowing and drifting snow, they seem to make an appearance on a regular basis with their own destructive personalities.

Because of the weather, Rooster and I had to cancel the adventure we had planned for the day. We decided to drive to Yats Cajun-Creole Restaurant

Travel without a snowplow.

The only safe way to travel in the Sunshine Mobile was to follow a snowplow. However, we aren’t rich enough to hire one of these guys to dig us a path for the adventure we had laid the groundwork for, so we canceled the trip. By Sunday afternoon, Rooster and I both had a bad case of cabin fever. We dug the sunshine mobile out of the Church parking lot and headed for Yats. I knew Rooster was in an adventuring mood when he put on the crazy glasses, he bought in Fort Wayne a couple of weeks ago.


Driving in a winter wonderland.

The roads were snow-free as we traveled south. The state highway crew had done an excellent job clearing the white stuff out of the main highways. The reflection of the sun bouncing off the tree branches and powerlines told the story that the section of road we were traveling on received a mix of freezing rain and snow.

Every surface of the scenery we passed glistened like it was covered with a layer of clear crystal glass. The picture we viewed from the car window was beautiful, but a dangerous reminder of how conditions can change in twenty miles. Ice is one of the most treacherous winter weather conditions a driver can face. Roads become skating rinks. Tree limbs drop from the sky. Power lines snap under the weight of the frozen precipitation.

Rooster and I were glad we decided not to go adventuring on Saturday, however, we thought a trip to Yats Cajun-Creole Restaurant worth the risk.



Why Yats.

Yats is a Cajun-Creole restaurant chain that is spreading across Indiana. If you are a fan of red beans and rice or jambalaya, this is the place for you. Yats franchises are popping up in cities all across the Hoosier state. It’s like an invitation to the Who Dat Nation.  Rooster and I have dined at several of these eating establishments, but our favorite is located at 5363 N. College Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana. It is the original Yats. Rooster says it’s like the guy who started the chain took a restaurant from New Orleans and sat it down in Indiana. In my opinion, he is right.

Decor you will discover at Yats

The décor is an eclectic blend of everything a person could find in the Crescent City. If you glance at the shelf above the Menu board, you’ll find a collection of instruments such as accordions, bongos, and a saxophone waiting to be gathered into the hands of a skilled musician. The perfect blend of crooner music and soft jazz plays over the restaurant sound system. There is never a song selection that is out of place.

An assortment of Mardi Gras beads and masks are scattered around the restaurant. A painting of a cool jazz cat hangs out with a green rocking horse, and a likeness of Joe Vaskovitch is holding a tray of crawfish against a background of blue. Joe is the original creator of Yats.

The Original Location.

The College Avenue location is where it all started. It’s not often that you go into the place that he isn’t somewhere around. He’s usually in the kitchen. The eating utensils might be made of plastic, but the generous portions are served on a white ceramic plate. The dining style is a touch of class mingled in with the casual.





Rooster and I stop by this location every time we are in the Circle City even if we only enjoy a piece of the marvelous chocolate cake they serve. Rooster is an expert on chocolate cake. In Rooster’s opinion, Yats has the best chocolate cake.  He should know because he’s on a quest to find the ultimate chocolate experience.

They also have a peanut butter pie that is to die for. If you don’t like cake, give it a try.  Rooster enjoyed the Gumbo and the Italiano.  I stuck with just the Italiano. We split a slice of the chocolate cake. It’s part of our weight loss program. We share to cut our calory intake, still, we never walk away hungry from this Yats Cajun-Creole Restaurant. We never are when we eat at Yats. Rooster claims he goes for the experience and not just a meal. If you’re in the Circle City and stop by Yats, tell them the Hen House Lady sent you.





What we discovered at The South Bend Chocolate Factory.

We decided it was too early to head back home. There was still enough daylight to allow us to extend the adventure. We headed down Meridian Street with the destination of Monument Circle combined with a stop at The South Bend Chocolate Company.

The Soldiers Sailors Monument

The Soldiers Sailors monument stands 284 ft. 6 in. tall. It was originally constructed as a memorial to the Indiana Veterans of the Civil War and is the first memorial dedicated to the common soldier. The monument is the heart of Indianapolis. The South Bend Chocolate Company is located on the south side of the circle. Its mission is to provide its customers with everything chocolate. Rooster is a chocoholic. He might be cheap, but sill he’s willing to dish out a chunk of his hard-earned money to satisfy his addiction.

What we Liked about coffee.

There is a coffee shop at the back of the store. It isn’t the sort of place to set up your computer for a long stretch of writing, but it was fun to watch the people hanging out on the steps of the monument across the street. We enjoyed our chocolate chia teas and people watching while the giant store bear in the corner observed our every move. I discovered I enjoyed the chocolate chia tea.

My mother used to say if life gives you lemons, you got to make lemonade. The weather prevented us from taking the adventure we wanted, but a change of plans led us to an unexpected adventure that gave us the perfect one day escape and provided medicine for our souls.



Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana, who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures click here.

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