Henhouse Lady’s Chevy Spark

From the moment Rooster brought home the Henhouse Lady”s Chevy Spark, it took her a while to get used to her new car. #Chevy #Spark #henhouse lady

Henhouse Lady’s Chevy Spark

The Henhouse Lady’s Chevy Spark sits in her driveway because she is now a relucatant owner of a new car. I know this is nothing out of the ordinary. People purchase new vehicles every day, but they aren’t the Hen House Lady. I’ve had my 2002 silver Pontiac Sunfire since 2003. It was a one-owner car when I bought her and had eleven thousand miles under her tires.

She’s traveled to New Orleans three times and New York City once. She never left me stranded beside the road, but she did manage to get two flat tires at the same time when we ran over a large metal object that fell off the semi traveling in front of us. The Old Lady Mobile and I have had a lot of exciting adventures.

Rooster wants me to get a new car

Rooster put pressure on me to get a new car for over a year. His argument runs along the line of the Sunfire being so old she was going to start developing mechanical problems. I stood my ground.

The Old Lady Mobile had less than eighty-thousand miles, she’s in good shape for her age, and I didn’t want to be saddled with a car payment. Rooster arranged for a mechanic to take the Sunfire for the weekend. His mission was to examine the Old Lady Mobile from hood to fender and come up with a list of everything that was wrong with her. She came back with a clean bill of health with fifty dollars’ worth of minor repairs required to make her run like a top. Her absence also led to the cat incident. (Read all about the cat hiding in the Sunshine mobile’s motor in Adventure # 45: The Great Cat Escape.)

Rooster persisted in the belief I was in need of a new car. This is odd for him. We all know he’s cheap. Three weeks ago, he came to meet me for lunch and made the statement I shouldn’t leave him alone with too much time on his hands. This is the story about how the Henhouse Lady’s Chevy Spark became her new car.

The Chevy Spark

He went over to Erick’s Chevrolet in Kokomo, Indiana, and test-drove a cute 2019 Chevy spark they had hanging out in their parking lot. To make a long story short, I’m now the proud owner of a 2019 burnt marshmallow colored Chevy Spark. I could say the Devil made me do it, but it was only Rooster.


I can’t put the blame on him entirely. The lure of the cute little Spark was too much temptation to resist. There are several reasons rooster and I are attracted to the Spark. The vehicle is easy on gas. I’ve had the car for three weeks and put my first fifteen dollars’ worth of gas in the tank.

The Cuteness Factor of the Chevy Spark

There were still 113 miles on the previous tank. The second reason is they are so darn cute. They might be small, but they have a lot of personalities. The front seat of the vehicle has more room than it appears at first glance. I will admit it is a tight space. Rooster and I don’t mind riding close together on a long trip. We can carry two passengers in our backseat.

It doesn’t happen very often, but we have squeezed two people back there in the Sunshine mobile. There isn’t much trunk space. You’ll never be able to haul large pieces of furniture. How often do you need to do that anyway? The Spark is better for the environment than the gas-guzzlers we were driving. It’s easy to find a parking space in large cities. They have so many airbags that I feel safe. We think the Spark is one of the best compact cars on the market. The Henhouse Lady’s Chevy Spark is good on gas and easy to park with the backup camera.


The Old Lady Mobile

We now have brother and sister Sparks. They look cute parked side by side. All would be great with the world except I feel a large measure of guilt for leaving the Old Lady Mobile behind. Every time I see her parked in her spot looking lonely and forgotten, a knot forms in the pit of my stomach. I feel like I’ve abandoned my faithful adventure friend. I’m not Looney Tunes.

I know The Old Lady Mobile is a machine who doesn’t have a particular opinion about who is behind her wheel. I know I’m experiencing a form of transference. I’m projecting my own emotions onto my Pontiac Sunfire.  It’s like the only reason I’m passing her over is because of her age. Just because something has a few miles on it shouldn’t mean it can be traded in for a new model.

A Chevy Spark family

Doesn’t faithfulness and dedication count for something in our throw-away modern world? I know I wouldn’t like being tossed aside simply because I was starting to show my age.

20190714_153412 (1)

I don’t think the Old Lady mobile will be without a new owner long. Several members of my family have expressed interest in becoming her new owners. She has been well-maintained and has miles and miles ahead of her. I will be sad the day I hand over the keys to her new owner. It will be like saying good-bye to an old friend. I hope she goes to a member of the family. I can pay a visit to her every now and then.

Now I’m faced with the problem of coming up with a new name for my burnt marshmallow colored Chevy Spark. Someone suggested sparky, but that sounds too masculine for my pretty new machine with the backup camera and new car smell.

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