Fishers Blues Fest


Fishers Blues Fest

Rooster and I attended the Fishers Blues Fest the rainy weather and high pried food vendors sent us to the Jamaican Reggae Grill. #Fishers #Indiana #Nickle Plate District Amphitheater #Jamaican Reggae Grill #The Blues Ambassadors # Jay Jesse Johnson

This blog will be short and sweet because our adventure at the Fishers Blues Fest didn’t last long. The two-day event closed out the summer at the Nickle Plate District Amphitheater in the city of Fishers, Indiana. We missed the first night due to previous commitments. The second night the music didn’t start until seven. From the time we pulled into the parking garage and Rooster took the lawn chairs out of the Sunshine Mobile, we didn’t feel connected to the event.

I don’t know if it was the location in the upscale Indianapolis suburbs or that we’d crammed too much stuff into our day. We were lethargic as we crossed the street and entered the Nickle Plate District Amphitheater.

We stayed for two bands

We’ve been to other blues and barbecue events that offered a wider variety of activities that lasted for the entire weekend, with vendor after vendor selling their idea of what makes good barbeque. Some of the recipes were handed down from generation to generation. They did have four bands scheduled to play. We were only able to stay for the first two. The Blues Ambassadors took the stage first.

They played an assortment of old blues standards and New Orleans funk. I enjoyed the sound they brought with their horn section. The addition of the harmonica on some of their arrangements added a nice touch. The sound Jay Jesse Johnson brought to the stage was a Stevie Ray Vaughan style of blues. I’m a big Stevie Ray fan, but the music wasn’t doing it for me that evening.

One hungry Rooster

Rooster needed to eat. I could tell by the rumble in my own stomach food would be a good idea. They had what we assumed were food trucks set up the right and left of the amphitheater.

We couldn’t figure out what sort of food was being sold by the generic look of the vehicles. Therefore, it proved frustrating to stand in a long line outside the food truck to discover we weren’t hungry for what they were selling. Rooster also had a problem with the prices. We stood in the line for ten minutes listening to Jay Jesse Johnson when it started to rain. It seemed like too much work and discomfort for an overpriced meal when there were restaurants down the road where we could eat cheaper. (We all know Rooster’s middle name is cheap.)

He wasn’t in the adventure mood

I could tell he was getting edgy. The only reason he was continuing with the adventure was for me to have something to write a blog about. That was no reason for us to continue with the same course of action. An adventure is only worth taking if both parties are into the experience. I turned to him and said, “If you want to go, I wouldn’t be upset about it.”

Jamaican Reggae Grill

We climbed into the Sunshine Mobile and went in search of a good meal. What seemed like a simple plan turned into an excursion. We ended up at the Monon Square Shopping Center in Carmel and walked into the Jamaican Reggae Grill. It was 8:45 p.m. I could tell they were in the middle of closing. One of my pet peeves is being with someone who walks into a business and demands service close to quitting time. I suggested we leave, but the person behind the counter insisted we stay because there was enough food left to feed us.

He served us two plates of food and went outside to sit on the patio they shared with the Union Brewing Company. The rain never materialized at this spot in Carmel. The Union Brewing Company provided some live acoustic music. Burn barrels were lit throughout the outdoor space, and people were enjoying the cool night air under the stars. The food, the atmosphere, and the music made us feel mellow inside. I would never have a guess when we started our last-minute meal would turn out to be the highlight of our adventure.


In conclusion

We didn’t stay long. There was a long drive home in front of us. As a side note, I heard rumors the city of Carmel has bought the land where the Monon Square Shopping Center sits. They plan to tear the old strip mall down and erect more of the apartment buildings that currently adorn Ridgeline Drive.

I hope the Jamaican Reggae Grill, Union Brewing Company, and Soho Café & Gallery all find homes. They are three of the businesses we most often frequent when we visit Carmel. It would be a shame to see them lost because of redevelopment.

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  1. We went last year to the festival. It was Robert Cray as the headliner. Blues Ambassadors are always a good bet. We were going to go again this year but the Blzhwk had to work and it was too late to leave. This happens to be this gals birthday weekend and I enjoy the trip. Maybe next year…

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