The Wild Egg Adventure

The Wild Egg Adventure

The Wild Egg Adventureincluded three generations of our family. It appears the thirst for exploring runs in our veins. #Indianapolis #Indiana #Wild Eggs #IKEA #Wilson’s Market

The Wild Eggs Adventure begins

Six people loaded into my daughter’s car on a sunny Saturday afternoon on a search for adventure. Rooster and I usually go it alone, but this particular trip turned into a family exploit. The list of thrill-seekers included my daughter Marci, her husband Jeff, our granddaughter Courtney, and her boyfriend Jay. The other half of the twin duo decided to stay home for the day.

Courtney is taking cosmetology classes. We were surprised to discover her hair looked like peacock feathers when we saw her standing in the driveway. The hairstyle didn’t seem so farfetched when I considered how I dressed when I was seventeen. In my day, it was bellbottom pants, psychedelic colored t-shirts, and long straight hair. Not much has changed over the years.


One of our favorite restaurants in Indianapolis

Everyone was in the mood for exploration as we headed for the Wild Eggs in Carmel, Indiana. My daughter had a strong craving for a Kalamity Katie’s Border Benedict, which couldn’t be denied.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we decided to sit outside. It was the perfect morning to hang out in the shade. Marci ordered her Kalamity Katie, The men decided on a Mr. Potato Head. (The Kalamity Katie and the Mr. Potato Head are the two most ordered meals at The Wild Eggs.) Courtney and Jay chose an omelet. I decided to live dangerously with the Country Fried Steak and Eggs. (I don’t even want to know how much fat and cholesterol I consumed.)

Breakfast over it was time to start The Wild Eggs Adventure

Everyone was happy with the meal. The white gravy, which topped my country-fried steak, was delicious. A taste of a spice I couldn’t identify gave the country fried steak a unique flavor. My son-in-law decided he could eat the Mr. Potato Head casserole every day for the rest of his life and die a happy man. Now that breakfast was over, we discovered we were ready for a The Wild Egg Adventure.


Breakfast was over and we had a day of adventure stretching out in front of us. My daughter is a shop until you drop sort of gal, but she’d never visited an IKEA. Rooster suggested that we make the store our next destination.

We had IKEA virgins in the car

The first response made by all the IKEA virgins in the car when they saw the giant blue building with the giant yellow letters and flags flying in the parking lot included statements like, “This is an amusement park for adults” and “Wow. We’re going to get lost in there.” The teenagers disappeared almost as soon as we entered the building.

The rest of us strolled through the decorated showrooms at the front of the store. We meandered through living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and baths decorated in merchandise from other sections of the store. It gave the shopper an idea about what a person could accomplish with the stuff waiting to be purchased at a reasonable price. There was a lot to see in IKEA on The Wild Eggs Adventure.


Lost in the world of IKEA

We soon found ourselves passing through isle after isle of furniture. There was a room for couches, a room for beds, a room for stoves and refrigerators. We came upon the cafeteria but didn’t make our typical stop for meatballs. The breakfast fro the Wild Eggs was still on our stomachs. We made our way past displays of dishes, cooking utensils, silverware, and pots and pans before rounding a corner and arriving at the bedding supplies.

You could purchase anything from pillows to sheets before you moved into the bath towel area. By the time we got to the lighting displays, my daughter said she was experiencing sensory overload.

She’d seen so much merchandise she couldn’t keep track of it all. We even found evidence a homeless person was living in IKEA. We found a used coffee cup sitting in the bedding section and a pair of boots tucked under one of the shelves where the lighting was displayed.

Evidence of homeless living in IKEA on The Wild Eggs Adventure

This store would be the perfect place to live if you found yourself without a home. They have everything you’d need to be comfortable at your fingertips. The place is so big you’d never get caught.  The number one reason I love IKEA is the company is environmentally conscious. They recycle everything. They also have solar panels on their roof. I wish more companies would make an effort to preserve our natural resources. The second phase of The Wild Egg Adventure drew to an end.

blue birds

Next stop on The Wild Eggs Adventure is Bird Fever

On our next stop, we swung by Bird Fever. My daughter’s family has two Cockatoos and an African Grey parrot. Those birds go through a lot of feed. The exotic birds in the shop were interesting and colorful. The man who ran the store seemed to be an authority on exotic birds. We saw some beautiful birds on The Wild Egg Adventure.

There were birds every color of the rainbow roosting on top of or inside of cages, but I didn’t see one chicken in the mix. My idea of the perfect feathered pet runs more on the lines of the functional over the eye-catching. I want a bird who lives an independent life out in the yard and lays eggs I can eat for breakfast.


Last stop is Wilson’s Market

A large tan building with a red roof stood out against the green corn growing in the fields that line US 31 north of Indianapolis. We’d drove past it when Rooster said, “Have you ever gone in there?” My son-in-law responded he always wanted to and turned the SUV we were riding in around and headed for Wilson’s Farmer Market. The first thing we noticed when we pulled into the parking lot was a row of pink port-a-pots.

I’ve seen these pink portable toilets at many of the fairs and festivals Rooster and I have attended over the years. I know they are pink to bring awareness to breast cancer. This is a cause close to my heart since my mother died from the disease. I don’t know if the idea originated with using toilets to bring awareness because cancer stinks or because the company that came up with the idea is in the potty business and supports the cause.

Ladies, it’s important to get your yearly mammogram. Breast cancer stinks to high heaven.

Along with the pink port-a-pots, we also discovered an Amish junkyard where wrecked buggies go after a collision to deteriorate. It was odd to see buggies with missing wheels lying on their sides in a cornfield. I knew I was going to like the shop when a picture of a rooster was staring at us from a window near the door we were about to enter. Wilson’s market gave us a lot to look at on The Wild Egg Adventure.


Stuff we found at Wilson’s Market

Wilson’s Farm Market is to produce and candy items what IKEA is to household goods. Tomatoes, corn, squash, gourds, and every form of fruit or vegetable, which can be grown in the state of Indiana rested in bins at the front of the store. Once you moved past the produce, the next thing to catch your eye were metal shelves filled with candy the shopper could buy in bulk. Old-fashioned lemon drops, marshmallow peanuts, cinnamon balls, and coconut ribbons in black white, and pink winked at me from the store shelves.

Wilson’s carried every form of gummy ever made. I even found an egg-shaped gummy. A small deli was located at the back of the store. Along the right wall, a refrigerator section was filled with various cheeses. There was even a spot in the store where a person could buy homemade fudge and baked goods. The décor leaned in the direction of the country shabby chic.

Home again

Rooster statues were arranged on countertops and a stuffed replica of a farmer reclined in a rocking chair in a corner. This Hen House Lady felt right at home. Wilson’s was a night place to end our adventure. Our hands were filled with shopping bags filled with treasures we discovered inside the shop. Wilson’s market was the last stop on The Wild Eggs Adventure.

All of us worked ourselves up into a pleasant form of exhaustion by the time we pulled into my daughter’s driveway. Sometimes it is a nice change of pace to have the family go with you on an adventure.  It was the sort of day that will live on in our collective memories.


Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana, who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures click here.

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