Jonesboro River Rally

Jonesboro River Rally

Rooster and I traveled to the Jonesboro River Rally and hooked up with some old friends. It was fun to catch up with The Road Dogs. #Jonesboro #Indiana #James Dean Festival #Fairmount #Road Dogs

Fall is car/bike show season in our part of the Hoosier state. It culminates with the James Dean Festival in Fairmount, Indiana. The grave of James Dean is located there. He spent his teenage years roaming the countryside near this small town. Every year the burgh throws a festival in honor of the rebel without a cause. Gas City didn’t want to be left out of the picture.

James Dean had set foot on their soil from time to time. The small town located seven miles from Fairmount throws the Ducktail Run and Custom Car Show the same weekend. Across the river from Gas City resides in the small town of Jonesboro. One of the main businesses in the tiny municipality is Ride ‘N’ Leather.

Jonesboro River Rally is across the river

The name speaks for itself. They sell bike gear and are famous for customized motorcycle seats. Bikers come from all over the state to have their seats specialized so they can spend time in the saddle in comfort. A common question asked is, “Where did you get your seat done?” The answer is always “Jonesboro.” It was only natural for this community to come up with the idea of The Jonesboro River Rally.” It has become one of the last big biker bashes of the riding season.


Biker stuff at the Jonesboro River Rally

Rooster and I had a plan. We’d ride to Jonesboro and see all the bike stuff. Once we were finished there. We’d ride over to the James Dean Festival to see if I could come up with enough material for a good blog. We pulled the Indian out of the garage and headed down highway 22. We made it to Jonesboro, but never got to Fairmount. I guess you could say our detour could be blamed on the Road Dogs.

jerry and punky

This used to be a one-block event. This year there were so many bikes; it was hard to find parking. We crammed in so close to the Harley parked next to us, I stepped on the guy’s foot who was straddling it when I dismounted. He didn’t seem to care, but then again what could he do.

Vendors come to the Jonesboro River Rally

Rooster and I strolled past the vendors hocking their wares. They always come with the same sort of stuff when they show up at biker events. Arrayed down the middle of Main Street were leather items, patches, ladies with sewing machines willing to attach patches to vests. Included in the merchandise for sale were t-shirts, biker gear, chrome parts, used parts, bikes for sale, and booths giving away free information. Motorcycle rights groups, Christian rider groups, and lawyers in search of personal injury clients were willing to give you the skinny on the important stuff going down in the state. Bikes stretched out as far as the eye could see.


Ran into the Dogs at the Jonesboro River Rally

We’d almost reached the food trucks when Jerry stepped out of the crowd. Punky was right behind him. We experienced a joyful reunion. The four founding members of the Road Dogs hadn’t managed to converge at the same place at the same time in several years. We are a handpicked club. There is a limited membership. Only four members make up our road trip crew.

Life got in the way. Punky had to care for both of her elderly parents. Jerry had some major health issues. Rooster and I had family matters and work, which kept us from taking long road trips.

Road Dog history

Traveling the country on a motorcycle was what the Road Dogs did best. We made journeys to Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia, Missouri, Arkansas, Canada, and all points in between. We had some amazing adventures and always managed to discover the end of the road. You know you’ve found a true friend when the comradery you experienced five years ago can be continued as if no time had passed since you last met.


What we did at the Jonesboro River Rally

We spent a fantastic afternoon with the Dogs taking in all the sights, sounds, and tastes of the Jonesboro River Rally. There was a spot in the shade where we could sit down and catch up on each of our recent histories., so The Road Dogs talked about past road trips and considered new ones we’d like to take in the future. Music played by a band on a stage erected in the street played in the background while we caught up on recent events in our lives. We ate tacos we bought from a food truck while seated under an awning. To my amazement, we found ourselves seated across from what could only be termed a motorcycle circus act.

Circus at the Jonesboro River Rally

Three scantily clad women came out on a cable. A woman rode the top cable seated on the motorcycle. Her job was mainly to get herself and the two women across the cable gunning the motorcycle while the other two twisted and turned underneath.

The climax of the performance was when they dropped off one of the performers before the motorcycle rider, and the girl suspended from the cable spun around a couple of times, twisting on the cable. They did all of these stunts without wearing wires or a safety net. The men in the audience seemed to enjoy the entertainment.

In conclusion

Rooster and I left after they announced the winners of the bike show. It had been a long day, and it was time for us to head home. The sun was starting to disappear from the western sky. The cooling temperatures made the ride home pleasant. I thought about all the times we rode the same highway with the Road Dogs. I wondered if we’d ever ride with them again. It’s hard to put a group back together with the same dynamics it had before. You have to be careful when you choose rode partners. From experience we know, Jerry and Punky are the best. It would be nice to take a road trip with them.  The excursion would be an awesome adventure because we all know there are no wrong roads.

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