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When I walked through the door and stepped into Jake’s Antiques and Vintage Store, I felt like I’d entered the world of eBay without the use of the internet. Rooster discovered this sprawling antique mall online. His new passion is to explore the world of weird and whacky. The one thing you can count on in these establishments is no two shops carry the same merchandise. Jake’s Antiques and Vintage Store located at 1440 W Winona Ave. In Marion, Indiana had the feel of a never-ending array of previously used items.

What I liked about Jake’s Antique and Vintage Store

Firstly, I liked this antique store because it is all on one floor. My bad knee makes it difficult to climb up and down stairs searching for a bargain. I managed to get around all the different booths without too much trouble.

Secondly, Jake’s Antique and Vintage Store carries a wide variety of items with a nostalgic feel. Several items in the shop brought back childhood memories.

I found a copy of the same picture of Jesus that hung in a church I attended as a child during my visit to Jake’s Antiques and Vintage Store.

I found a dollhouse exactly like one I had when I was ten years old. Playing in the fantasy world of the house with nice rooms and cool furniture became my favorite pastime. I made my Barbies live in there, even though they didn’t fit. I wanted to live in a fancy place like the dollhouse when I grew up.

Thirdly, I like the assortment of interesting items Jake’s Antiques and Vintage Store carried.

And lastly, I enjoyed visiting the backroom at Jake’s Antiques and Vintage Store. All the unusual items are found in this section of the store. 

A bear trap proved to be an interesting piece of merchandise. I had to ask myself, who would want to go out and trap a bear? My suggestion is it is a good idea to leave the bears alone.

I found two of those singing fish you hang on the wall. They aren’t going home with me.

A fortune-telling machine caught my interest. We could all use some good luck in 2021.

They even had an old jukebox. The kind that sat on tables in diners. You could put money in a slot and listen to your favorite song while you ate.

I found an entire box filled with Pillsbury Dough Boys.

Rooster found himself an old payphone. For those too young to remember, payphones could be found in many public places before the cellphone. You slid coins into the front of these gadgets, so you could make a call when you were away from home. In the old days, people had what is now referred to as landlines. They were a necessity back in the dark ages if you wanted to make a call. Some people were lucky enough to have a party line. You could listen in on the conversation of strangers. It was sort of like trolling on social media. Of course, they could also listen to you. And, you couldn’t make your important call until they finished talking. If you needed to call an ambulance, you couldn’t do it unless the other party freed up the line.

In conclusion

Jake’s Antique and Vintage Shop is a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The store carried a lot of interesting merchandise. I highly recommend it for those of us with bad knees. Don’t forget to stop by the backroom. They have the most interesting stuff back there. (I’m still wondering about who would want to buy a bear trap.)  I wish Long days and pleasant nights to my fellow bargain hunters. May you find the very best deals in 2021.

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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