The Onesie Pub Crawler Adventure

The Onesie Pub Crawler Adventure

On a cold rainy Saturday, Rooster and I went on The Onesie Pub Crawler Adventure. The weather required us to hunt for these elusive creatures. #Broad Ripple #Indianapolis #Indiana #The Yolk #Kilroy’s #Hitherto Coffee

Old Man Winter made an appearance during the night to remind us he was still lurking behind the scenes. The thin covering of snow on the roadways glistened in the morning sun. The white precipitation quickly vanished when the rain began to pour from the sky. It was miserable outside, but Rooster and I were determined we wouldn’t allow the weather to spoil our adventure, especially when we heard there was an Onesie Pub Crawl about to take place in Broad Ripple.

Miserable weather for the Onesie Pub Crawler Adventure

We had to tweak our plans to accommodate for the miserable weather. We decided to look on the bright side of things. At least we didn’t get the three inches of snow predicted by the forecasters. I’m beginning to believe they throw in a Winter Weather Advisory whenever grocery store stock takes a dive.

One of these advisories always causes an illogical run on bread, eggs, and milk. I’ve never been able to figure out what people do with the excessive amount of these ingredients they purchase to prepare for a snowstorm. There are times when the store shelves have been picked clean.


We pointed our Chevy Spark toward Indianapolis under dark skies with windshield wipers working double time. (Rooster traded in the Sunshine Mobile for a new version of the Chevy Spark. Frosty is the color of silver ice. He came to us in the winter, so Frosty is his name. Our granddaughters are upset. They were in love with the Sunshine Mobile.) Our projected destination was a restaurant called Yolk-Ironworks located in the city of Carmel on the north side of Indianapolis.

First stop at TheYolk

It was rumored the Yolk served a good breakfast. We needed to fill our bellies to face the dreary day and the cold rain. We knew we were in the right place when there was a twenty-minute wait to get a seat. A lot of people climbed out of bed on a Saturday morning and wandered out into the lousy weather to grab breakfast at this eatery.

The color scheme of this eating establishment was done in blues and white with a light layer of yellow underneath to remind diners of the yolk of the egg. The colorful interior of the eatery provided a pleasing contrast to the dreary dampness outside. Rooster and I ordered the Scrambler. It came with cheesy grits and an English muffin. We both thought the meal was delicious. If you wake up hungry and need a fantastic place to grab a morning meal, point your car in the direction of 2727 E. 86th Street #150 Indianapolis. Yolk would make an excellent choice for your morning feast. Once we were refueled, we were ready to journey on our next leg of the adventure.


Hours to kill before The Onesie Pub Crawler Adventure spent at Hitherto Coffee

We had hours to kill before the Onesie Pub Crawl would begin. Rooster and I knew we didn’t want to drive all the way back home to wait for the festivities to start. I have written several blogs about restaurants in the Broad Ripple section of Indianapolis. The neighborhood is also home to numerous pubs.

We happened to be hanging out last year when they had their Ugly Christmas Sweater Pub Crawl. Indeed, Rooster and I  spent several humorous hours watching people travel between pubs dressed in this gaudy style.   The idea of adults dressed in onesies. made the pub crawl sounded like the best spectator sport in town. I can only compare it to a  modern version of bird watching. Rooster worked his magic. He found Hitherto Coffee and Gaming Parlor located at 1558 N. State Street in Greenfield, Indiana.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the place sounded interesting. We hopped into Frosty and headed in the direction of Hitherto.

When we hiked through the door, I was amazed at the number of individuals enjoying tabletop games and drinking a cup a java. There were people of all ages, sizes, and genders enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon drinking coffee with a board game spread out in front of them on the table. Rooster and I had work to do.

Need to finish my NaNoWriMo romance

We ordered a beverage and pulled out our laptops. I won NaNoWriMo this year, but I still have several chapters left to write before I can type the end to the first draft of my love story. Romance is the literary genre I chose to attempt for this year’s project. We spent several productive hours at Hitherto. The meaning of the word hitherto is “until now or until the point of discussion.” I had to look it up when I got home to better understand why they selected the word as the name for the coffee shop. The moniker did have a middle-earth JRR Tolkien feel to it.


There was more noise in the coffee shop than we would have liked. It was a rainy afternoon. Families were huddled together over table games, engaging in conversation, and having a good time. Rooster and I were the only ones in the place with our laptops open, trying to come up with words. The decor wasn’t littered with random pieces of art like you’d find in most coffee shops, but the bathroom floor had an unusual arrangement of tile. If you stared at the pattern too long, a person could get dizzy. The drink I purchased was good, but it was tiny for the price I paid. This coffee shop might not be on the top of my list as a writing spot, but it would be my favorite place to come to play games if I lived in this area.

We picked Kilroy’s as the spot forThe Onesie Pub Crawler Adventure

It started to get dark outside. We figured the Onesie Pub Crawl would be in full swing, so we packed up our computers, climbed into our tiny silver Spark, and headed in the direction of Broad Ripple. There was a definite chill in the air by the time we pulled up in front of Kilroy’s. A friend suggested this sports bar and grill might be our best place to observe the pajama-clad pub crawlers.

Rooster and I were shown a seat in front of the large window facing Broad Ripple Avenue. We asked our waitress about the pub crawl as soon as she came to our table. She told us since Kilroy’s was a sports bar, they weren’t participating in the Onesie Pub Crawl. They were supporting the televised IU game. She pointed to the IU gear she was wearing to prove her point. Apparently, the pub crawl was too silly for a cool place like Kilroy’s. She did confirm we were sitting in the right spot to observe anyone crazy enough to come out in the wet and cold in their pajamas.


pub crawler 3

The Onesie Pub Crawler Adventure turned into a limp

The waitress was right. The Onesie Pub Crawl looked more like a limp. If people were dressed in their pajamas, the comfortable clothes were hidden under rain gear. Partiers didn’t wander the streets, hopping from pub to pub. We enjoyed a meal at Kilroy’s, waiting to see if the more adventurous species of pub crawlers would come out to play. Rooster and I were both disappointed.

We did manage to observe a couple of dedicated crawlers who ventured into the open air like a thirsty endangered species looking for a watering hole. In this case, it was a quest for a lively place where they could obtain alcohol. After strolling in the wet for a block, they slipped into a bar across the street. They didn’t reappear for the rest of the duration of our time at Kilroy’s. We made the decision to pretend we were big-game hunters and drove the streets of Broad Ripple in search of our prey.

Hard to find crawlers

We came up empty. The onesie pub crawler stayed inside the drinking establishments in the entire area. Therefore, the pub crawler became an elusive creature only found between the walls of the pub. Rooster suggested we go inside one of the drinking establishments to observe the pajama-clad crawlers in their natural environment, but the thrill had gone out of the hunt. The entire excitement of finding the perfect crawler was to catch them in the wild. They weren’t nearly as impressive perched on a barstool.


pub crawlwer 2

We pointed our Chevy Spark toward home, wishing more pub crawlers had ventured out into the night. The disappointment over the Onesie Pub Crawl dampened our spirits. Maybe next year we’d have better weather which would draw these elusive creatures out into the open. Rooster and I plan to keep our eyes open for further Broad Ripple entertainment. Who knows, they might have a Bathing Suit Pub Crawl in the summer. It might make for an exciting adventure.

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