The Creation Museum

The Creation Museum

Rooster and I traveled to Petersburg, Kentucky, to visit the Creation Museum. The journey proved to be an exciting adventure.

An eye doctor visit before the adventure


eye doc

Every year, I visit the Midwest Eye Institute to see if the dark spot at the back of my left eye has turned into a full-blown case of cancer. The staff at the Institute kindly refer to it as a freckle. The eye doctor who first detected it here in town refers to it as the closest thing she’s ever seen to a classic case of melanoma. I’ve probably had a large dark spot in the back of my eye since I was a child, but nobody paid attention to it until several years ago.

Initially, I had to make the trip every three months to see if there was any change in the freckle. Then the length of time became shortened to six months. Now I go back once a year. Therefore, I feel as if I’m making progress. Rooster and I climbed out of bed early to make the drive to Indianapolis so that I could get to my appointment on time.


Things have changed since COVID 19

If you haven’t visited a doctor’s office since things opened up again, there are a few things you should beware of before you go.

  1. Firstly, make sure you have the office number programmed into your cell phone because you will need to call from the parking lot to tell them you have arrived.
  2. Secondly, fill your gas tank before you go because you will be told to wait in your car. Since a doctor’s appointments are never on time, you may have to wait a while. You don’t want to run out of gas before they let you in the building.
  3. Thirdly, expect to have your temperature taken at the door and to answer questions about exposure to Covid-19.
  4. And finally, seating will be limited because many of the chairs in the waiting room will be roped off for social distancing purposes.

Fortunately, The Midwest Eye Institute is quick about getting their patience in and out of the office. They promptly took me to the exam room, where they gave me a vision test and dilated my eyes. However, it took twenty minutes for my eyes to dilate fully, during which time I stared at the walls. Once I was ready, the doctor looked inside my eyeball with an intense light before he performed an ultrasound over the lid of my left eye. As a result, he pronounced there had been no change from last year, and I could be on my way. Overall, this is very good news.

Trip to the Creation Museum

We decided to throw caution to the wind and travel to the Creation Museum in Peterburg, Kentucky, once the doctor finished with me. We’d paid the admission fee when we visited the Ark Encounter last year. The person who sold us the ticket to The Creation Museum suggested we come back in the summer when the garden was in full bloom. However, we never dreamed we’d experience a pandemic before we had a chance to return. Rooster called and discovered they’d reopened. Therefore, we opted to make the trip.


It is difficult to travel after one of these appointments due to my eyes being dilated. I have transition lenses in my glasses, and these are only a slight help. I couldn’t tolerate being a passenger on a motorcycle. So even though it was perfect weather to ride the Indian, we decided to make the journey in one of our Rooster and I traveled to Petersburg, Kentucky, to visit the Creation Museum. The journey proved to be an exciting adventure. My eyes remained closed for most of the journey through the state of Indiana.



The garden at the Creation Museum

By the time we arrived at the Creation Museum, my eyes were less sensitive to the light. It was a good thing because I opened them wide when I took my first look at the garden. The colorful display of foliage and flowers were arranged in the perfect combination for optimal beauty. Visitors can walk through this world of plants before they arrive at the actual museum. If you come to the Creation Museum for no other reason than to see the Botanical Garden, you will discover the display of plants worth the price of admission.


How the Botanical Garden is arranged

  1. Carnivorous Bog Garden
  2. Koi Pond
  3. Rain Forest

Also included

  1. Zip Line & Canopy Adventure Tour
  2. A swinging rope bridge
  3. Three Pavilions
  4. Ariel Challenge Park
  5. Eden Animal Experience
  6. Children’s Adventure Area
  7. Mining Sluice

Rooster and I didn’t zipline or walk the swinging rope bridge because the sun still hurt my eyes. We did take a long route through the garden to get to the Creation Museum.


Our experience at the Creation Museum


What caught my eye as soon as we stepped into the bookstore inside the museum was a giant dragon sitting on a ledge near the ceiling. The caricature of the mythical creature appeared to be busy reading a book. The thought occurred to me; I want to read like a dragon. Not that a dragon can actually read, but who cares about that tiny fact.  Rooster and I bought a refrigerator magnet and a Dinosaur face mask. I plan to wear mine to work when I go back.

The Creation Museum, like the Ark Encounter, is big on the dinosaurs. Neither place denied the existence of these animals. What they did dispute is how old these giants might be. According to the hypothesis of the museum, the dinosaur came into existence much later on the world’s time scale than evolutionists claim.


The Murals in the Creation Museum

The attractions I found most interesting inside the Creation Museum centered around the various artistic display scattered throughout the large building. A section devoted to ancient Egypt caught my eye. Also, there was one entire section of the Museum with murals on display depicting the creation story. On one wall of this area, several colorful artist’s paintings played on a  wall using what looked like a PowerPoint type presentation with the painter’s voice playing in the background.


The 4D movie

The best part of the Creation Museum for me was the 4D Movie Experience. The museum staff made sure everyone remained six feet apart during the showing of In Six Days. You could tell this viewing was the first time most of the audience ventured into a movie theatre since Covid-19 closures started. By the time the lights went out, it seemed like people relaxed and enjoyed the show. The 3D effects for this short movie proved to be better than I saw for many of the big studio productions I’ve paid a lot to see. The special sensory effects created a realistic feel to the show. One young kid on the row in front of us laughed every time a puff of air blew in his face, which made the rest of the people in the theatre giggle. The twenty-minute movie was the highlight of our visit.


In conclusion

We spent another hour in the garden before we ended our visit. Rooster found a room for the night in a hotel in Cincinnati for the night. By the time we climbed into our Chevy Spark, I had discovered my eyesight had returned to normal.

The Creation Museum is a unique experience, and Rooster and I were happy to be able to use the tickets we bought before the pandemic. Whether you are a creationist or evolutionist, the Botanic Garden makes it worth the trip.  It is my opinion all great conflicts of thought are best resolved in a garden.

As for me, I’m a creationist. I know, as a writer, I manufacture worlds from the material I find in my imagination. Why wouldn’t God do the same, only on a much larger scale? Therefore, I prefer to believe the world was fashioned by the invisible hand of God in a six-day endeavor of a dramatic act of creativity.





Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana, who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures click here.

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