Boathouse Kitchen and Swan Dive

Rooster and I joined Marci and Jeff for a meal at the Boathouse Kitchen and Swan Dive on a hot Sunday afternoon.

Why we chose the Boathouse Kitchen and Swan Dive.

On a warm, lazy Sunday afternoon, no one in the family wanted to spend time in the kitchen. What the situation called for was a meal with a lakeside view. Finding the perfect restaurant where such a meal can be enjoyed is difficult during a pandemic. My daughter, her husband, Rooster, and I decided Cicero, Indiana, might be the cure for our summertime blues. Indeed, the small community has several restaurants on the banks of Morse Lake.

Wolfies was our first choice, but it looked crowded. We drove down the road to 409 W. Jackson Street to give the Boathouse Kitchen and Swan Dive a try. This restaurant has changed ownership many times over the years; however, none of the eating establishments became successful. Either the prices were too high, the service was too slow, or the food simply sucked. All four of us thought the new owners found the right combination this time.

Mollys personal restaurant rating system

A score of five being the best and one the worst.

  • Atmosphere- Our table was in front of the window looking out onto the lake. (We requested not to be seated outside due to the heat.) We all found this arrangement to be tranquil and relaxing. I give this establishment a 5 in this category.
  • Décor- Whoever thought of the decorations to go inside this eating establishment was a genius. We thought our surroundings were whimsical and the perfect blend to give a summer camp type feel to our dining experience. From the diver floating in the fish aquarium on the wall to the mannequin lady diver suspended from the ceiling, we discovered our eyes needed to roam the establishment to view all the fine details. Boathouse earns a 5.5 in the decorating department.
  • Cleanliness- I didn’t get a look at the kitchen, but this restaurant appeared to be immaculate. The staff followed COVID-19 guidelines perfectly. The eating establishment earns a five here as well.
  • Cost- Rooster didn’t complain. We all thought the food was reasonably priced. It was about what we would have expected from a casual dining experience. Boathouse earns a 4 ranking as far as price is concerned.
  • Food quality- We all liked the food, but the meal didn’t have a unique variety of tastes. I would still rank it as a four.
  • Service- This is where things get dicey. They brought my daughter the wrong meal. This mistake would have earned the restaurant a zero if it had not been for the young woman who was our server. She caught the error, fixed it, and took the cost of our drinks off the meal. Her quick thinking and attempt to make the situation right earns the restaurant a 5 for service.

In Conclusion

Overall, the Boathouse Kitchen and Swan Dive became a hit on our list of new restaurants we’ve tried since COVID-19. We all agreed we would make a return visit. Here’s a great tip for you if you decide the give the Boathouse a try. Walk across the street to Alexander’s and enjoy ice cream for dessert. They have some of the best soft-serve ice creams in the area.

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  1. It looks and sounds like a great place to have a meal and spend a little time. It’s also good when you find a server who acts quickly and cheerfully to deal with errors made. I’m glad you had such a lovely day out.

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