Three Holland Restaurants

Rooster and I decided to sample a little bit of everything when we chose three Holland restaurants. We tried a brewery, a local favorite, and ended our adventure at an upscale dining establishment on Lake Macatawa. Therefore, I decided to write a review of each of these eateries to give future travelers and idea about where they could catch a meal on a visit to the city.

Remember, Molly’s reviews are based on personal experience. Restaurants are rated on a scale of one to five in various categories. A score of 1 being the worst and five the best. They are based on the experience I had on the day of my visit.

Molly’s opinion of Big Lake Brewing

Rooster and I found Big Lake Brewing by performing a search on our phone. It was our first stop of the three Holland restaurants. After we checked into our motel, hunger moved us to find an eating establishment. A brewery sounded like the perfect place to eat our first meal in Holland.

Food Quality- Rooster and I both played it safe and went for the hamburger. Big lake Brewing may specialize in beer, but Big Lake served an excellent burger as well. If we make a trip back, we plan to go for something different such as Bangers and Mash. I give their burgers a five-star rating.

Cost- Rooster didn’t complain, but the trip was an anniversary adventure. He is frugal, but he wouldn’t tempt my wrath by making a big deal about the price. Even though he was silent, I would rate the cost of the meal as reasonable, so I give it five-stars here as well.

Atmosphere- Big lake Brewing had the typical laid-back vibe you’d expect at a brewery. During our visit, the place was probably a little more subdued than normal because we came on a Sunday. Overall. I would give the atmosphere a four-star rating.

Service- The service was excellent. The young woman who waited on us was very helpful and efficient. I give this restaurant a five-star rating regarding service.

Cleanliness- This restaurant followed all the guidelines to keep their customers safe and disease-free. I also rate the cleanliness in the establishment with five-stars.

Décor- The decorating was done in typical brewery fashion. The highlight that attracted Rooster’s attention was the beer Keg furnishings. He claimed he could make some when we got home if he could find the kegs. I give the décor a five-star rating as well.

Overall, I highly recommend this dining establishment. Beer is their specialty. We didn’t sample any of their brews on this trip. Rooster and I walked around the corner for ice cream instead.

Molly’s opinion of Wooden Shoe Antique Mall and Restaurant

Rooster and I chose this spot because we were in the mood for a little local flavor. We also wanted to pay a visit to the antique shop to see if we could find something interesting. It was our breakfast choice in the three Holland restaurants.

Food quality- There was nothing particularly noteworthy on the menu, so we both ordered an omelet. This restaurant might find it profitable to offer at least a couple of traditional Dutch dishes. Rooster enjoyed his omelet, but I found mine a little wet.  This restaurant received a three-star rating in the food quality category.

Service- The woman who waited on us was fantastic. I give a five-star rating to the restaurant for their workers.

Atmosphere- This restaurant felt very hometown. I even heard a liar’s table conversation over my right shoulder. The participants all spoke Spanish, so I didn’t get the lowdown on any local gossip. During my breakfast at the Wooden Shoe, I felt right at home. I give this eatery a five-star if for no other reason than it was comfortable.

Cleanliness- I give this eating establishment a five-star as far as cleanliness is concerned. The entire city of Holland is one of the cleanest places I’ve ever visited.

Décor- This is the area where this restaurant needs the most improvement. It appeared like there hadn’t been a single update done since the 1970s. They should capitalize on their Dutch heritage. Maybe they could bring in some antiques from next door. I give this restaurant a one-star rating in décor.

The biggest attraction the Wooden Shoe Restaurant has to offer is the Antique Mall connected to the eating establishment. The diner-type eatery provides the chance to catch a quick breakfast before you spend the morning wandering the isles filled with random junk searching for a treasure. To make a long story short, Rooster found an old typewriter. If you will remember from previous blogs, he started his collection with a Batwing.

Molly’s Opinion of Boatwerks Waterfront Restaurant

Rooster and I love to eat at a table close to the water. There is nothing like the sun reflecting off the waves to create a feeling of tranquility. We made Boatwerks Waterfront Restaurant our last stop before leaving Holland. It became our last choice of the three holland restaurants.

Food quality- Boatwerks is a little more upscale than the two other places we ate in Holland. The food can be a bit expensive. Rooster and I stuck with one of their sandwiches, and we weren’t disappointed. I give this restaurant a five-star regarding food quality.

Cost- As I’ve mentioned, Boatwerks can be a little on the expensive side, but nothing outrageous. I’d give it a four-star rating on the value of the meal.

Atmosphere- Nothing beats sitting near the water and watching the boats out on the lake. This place earns a five-star if for no other reason than the natural beauty of the lake.

Service- The young man who waited on us was exceptional. We received fantastic service. Boatwerks earns a five-star here as well.

Cleanliness- This restaurant was immaculate. All COVID-19 procedures were followed precisely. I give this restaurant a five-star rating in this category as well.

Décor- The natural setting by the lake was perfect. We didn’t spend much time inside, but when I walked through, I thought the interior was delightful. The large windows brought the beauty of the lake inside. This restaurant earns a five-rating in this category as well.

Thus, our Holland, Michigan Anniversary Adventure sadly comes to an end. We attempted to visit some of the best attractions the small city located on the west bank of Lake Michigan had to offer. We discovered a few supprises on this visit, which includes Centennial Park. The three restaurants we selected reflect a wide variety of dining choices the area has to offer. I’m sure we could have discovered even more if we had the time and appetite. We enjoyed our stay. I’m sure we’ll make a return trip in the future.

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  1. All three restaurants sound lovely, Molly. It’s a pity you didn’t enjoy your omelet at The Wooden Shoe, as everything about the place sounds great. Excellent reviews.

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