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What do you do if you want to have an adventure looking at old stuff, and most of the museums are still closed due to COVID? Rooster came up with a fantastic idea. He suggested we find some of the best junk shops in the state. Thus, we decided to go on a trip to Indianapolis and see what Midland Arts and Antique Market had to offer.

Our son, Richard first took us to this giant warehouse filled with unique treasures several years ago. He moved to Indianapolis while he was working on his master’s degree. Richard hung around in the city for a couple of years until he moved to New York. He and thought spending an afternoon wander through these isles of unique items would be a fun experience on our trip to visit him.

How we got extra participants in our Midland Arts and Antique Market adventure

Rooster plugged in 907 East Michigan Road into his cell phone while we gassed up at the filling station. The phone in his hand rang. It was our daughter Marci. We told her we were about to go on an adventure to the Midland Arts and Antique Market. The first words out of her mouth were, “I want to go.”

Marci, Jeff, Rooster, and I grabbed our face masks and climbed into their vehicle to head to Indianapolis. The one disadvantage of owning a small car like our Chevy Spark is it is difficult for four people to travel long distances in comfort. Since Rooster and I seldom have people join us on our adventures, that hasn’t been a problem. Today it would have been a crowded ride.

Our experience at Midland Arts and Antique Market

The first thing we noticed when we pulled into the parking lot was it was hard to find a parking space. Other people must have the same desire to spend time in a museum type environment. My daughter noticed right away that many of the items were overpriced. My son-in-law said he had many of the items being sold here come through the metal company he works for as recycle items. Still, it was nice to wander the isles and explore all the interesting junk they had for sale.

The stuff we saw at Midland Arts and Antique Market

There was a wide assortment of hats and purses at the Midland Arts and Antique Market.

A booth filled silver treasure exists at the Midland Arts and Antique Market.

Works of art displayed at the Midland Arts and Antique Market.

There was still more art to see at the Midland Arts and Antique Market.

Ther was some evil art and a medieval torture device.

There was a large assortment of antiques.

We saw a bunch of other stuff too.

Plus there were chandeliers to bring light into the darkness.

My daughter and I had some fun with mirrors.

In conclusion

The Midland Arts and Antique Market is a wonderful place to look for unusual items. Rooster and I even came home with a few finds. He’s been searching for an old movie projector to add to his collection of old stuff. If you will remember, Rooster purchased a Batwing typewriter he found online and an old camera at the Bushwick Market in New York City. We also walked away with the cover for a singer sewing machine. It will serve an excellent purpose. This antique will hide all the junk on the top of his desk.

My daughter became interested in a couch she came across in one of the booths. She checked out the price online and discovered Midland Arts and Antique Market wanted to charge three hundred dollars more than what she found online. You need to be careful about pricing because they tend to set theirs too high.

Overall, we spent a wonderful three hours looking at stuff. Some of the items can only be found in museums these days. The Midland Arts and Antique Market had an interesting two-floor selection of unique things ranging from art to antiques. The only caution I have is buyer beware. Some of the antiques could be reproductions, and the prices are in the high range.

Rooster could complain about the price of admission. The experience was like journeying through a museum combined with an art gallery for free. At times, we even felt like we were in a carnival funhouse.

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana, who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures click here.

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