I decided to write a documentary poem about a recent event in our city. Rooster saw on Facebook someone was offering free potatoes to anyone who could bring a bucket. I suggested we find a bucket and take them up on their offer since I have now joined the ranks of the unemployed, but I was glad I didn’t make an effort when I found out the entire operation was a con.  I hear rumors two 65-year-old women were arrested for stealing potatoes. That’s why I wrote this poem I titled Buckets.


Hard times make poor folks impulsive and demanding

That’s my opinion of what lead up to this big misunderstanding

A social conscious truck driver with a master key

Opened the back of a trailer and offered its contents for free

Potatoes to everyone who brings a bucket

Word of the food giveaway went out on social media

Creating a sort of working-class mania

Potatoes stopped the Irish from dying in the past

Free is free, but only while they last

To anyone who can produce a big round bucket

The people came and stood inline

They stood for hours in the fall sunshine

Masks on their faces and hope in their heart

That the free potatoes might be a new start

So one by one, they passed up their buckets

Just about dark, the police finally came

They said the tow truck driver was to blame

Slapping handcuffs on the wrists of two old ladies

Who stood in line to feed their grandbabies?

They’re over in city lockup now holding empty buckets

You’ll never hear this story on the evening news

About the two cantankerous women who sang the jailhouse blues

The old men over at the Cup & Spoon’s liars table

Talk about it whenever they have an audience able

To listen to the tall tale about the empty bucket

The moral of this sad sob story has to be

Don’t trust social media when things are offered for free

Or you’ll be sitting in city jail waiting for arraignment

Suffering from a case of cruel disappointment

And all you have to show for your effort is air inside your bucket

Now for the rest of the story

I’ve tried to find documentation information about the arrest of the women. I fear that part of the story was made up at the Liar’s Table. I can’t imagine why the cops would bother. How much time can you get for stealing a bucket of potatoes?

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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