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I haven’t written about a new and exciting restaurant in a very long time. The simple truth is Rooster and I aren’t taking many out of town adventures these days. Covid-19 is keeping us at home. My daughter planned to take her son, David, to a unique place she discovered in Noblesville for his 26th birthday. Rooster and I had the pleasure to tag along. Therefore, members of our family spent an enjoyable Sunday evening at Ford’s Garage.

What we found so unique about Ford’s Garage

I researched Ford’s Garage after we ate there for David’s birthday. What I discovered is a restaurant chain with its roots in Fort Myers, Florida. They have recently expanded into the Hoosier state with the Noblesville location in the Hamilton Town Center. The exact location of this interesting eating establishment is 13193 Levinson Lane. The waitress said the restaurant is famous for its beer, burgers, and bathrooms. We discovered she was right. Whoever thought up the concept for this restaurant made certain they didn’t overlook a single detail.

From the moment you pull up outside the restaurant, you catch the vibe you are about to enter a 1920s service station. Maybe the Model-T Fords parked along the restaurant’s exterior, the antique gas pumps, or the old motor waiting to be rebuilt gives the individual that impression. If there is a line of people waiting to get in, you can sit down on one of the benches made out of Ford tailgates to wait. If you look at the bar area, you will see a black model-t suspended in the air. Periodically, the horn will honk, and white exhaust will flow from the automobile’s rear tailpipe. A sign hangs over the door to the kitchen area that reads, “assembly line.”

Molly’s Restaurant Review

These interesting details wouldn’t amount to much if the rest of the dining experience turned out lousy. Therefore, I will give a detailed review listing six categories I feel is important for an enjoyable restaurant adventure. Remember, the opinion expressed here is purely based on my preferences.


The expression cleanliness is next to Godliness took on a whole new meaning with Covid-19. I found this restaurant to be immaculate. The staff all correctly wore masks. I didn’t get a look at the kitchen, but the restrooms were clean. The sinks made out of car tires were spotless. I’m sure the gas nozzle door handles are cleaned regularly.


The service was top rate. The young woman who waited on us was prompt, efficient, and had a nice way of making us feel at home. She even allowed Rooster to take a picture of Ford’s Garage logo on the front of her shop shirt. I told Rooster she probably thought he was a dirty old man for making the request. She might have thought he was snapping a picture of her breasts. He said he didn’t even think about that when he asked to take the picture.


As soon as we walked through the door, I sensed a fun vibe attached to the place. Ford’s Garage takes casual dining to the next level. We enjoyed examining all of the interesting features in this dining establishment and taking in the feel of the room where we sat; the time we spent there passed too soon.


The creators of Ford’s Garage covered all their bases to give the restaurant a garage feel. Model T Fords hung suspended from the ceiling. The staff wore garage shirts. A sign hung over the kitchen door announcing the assembly line worked there. I found sinks made from tires in the restroom, and pictures of old model Fords needing a mechanic hung everywhere. Even the silverware was wrapped in a shop rag with a hose clamp used as a napkin ring. If you ordered onion rings, they were brought to the table stuck through the handle of a funnel used to put fluid into a transmission. I’m sure there were more details I missed on this initial visit. I will look for them when we make a return visit.


None of the other features would have amounted to much if the food tasted lousy. I can honestly say that the food at Ford’s Garage made everyone at our table smile. Most of us ordered a burger since that was the restaurant’s specialty. We knew we were in for a treat when the burger came to us with the restaurant’s logo branded into the bun. The tasty and cooked to perfection burger I devoured hit the right spot. The other people at the table gave the same review. The wedge fries served to us in a basket used to dip parts were some of the best I ever had, crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. Everyone agreed they would come back again.


This was the best part of the adventure for Rooster. As we all know, he is an extremely frugal man. The cost was more than you would pay at a fast-food restaurant but reasonable for what you could expect to pay at a sit-down eatery.

Overall Review

The evening spent at Ford’s Garage will go down in everyone’s memories as an unforgettable dining experience. Everyone left with smiles spread across their faces. Rooster said he would bring other people here if they joined us on one of our motorcycle rides. I figure it will become one of his favorite places to eat for a while. If you happen to have one of these restaurants near you, I suggest you stop in and give the place a try. You won’t regret trying this restaurant.

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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  1. The place looks like a lot of fun, Molly, and I love the details, though the lack of masks would have me turning around at the door. After this horrible virus is over, I’d be back in a flash. Happy Belated Birthday to David. 🙂

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