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I have to find a way to keep Rooster out of antique stores. We will go broke if he keeps buying stuff at this rate. My husband has always been cheap, cheap, cheap, but I guess every man has his Achilles Heel. Black Wax Café and Studio Black American Vintage is Rooster’s soft spot.

We discovered this unique antique store by accident. I spotted the interesting vinyl records hanging in the window as we cruised down Washington Street in Kokomo, Indiana.

I used a picture I took of a mannequin we discovered in this shop on our first visit to illustrate my short story, The Magical Thrift Store Prom Dress. Yellow caution tape draped the mannequin’s body on our first visit. These days the figurine has a special spot near the coffee shop’s front counter. Her elaborate dress made from old vinyl music albums gives her a classy look.

The new outfit lends a stylish look to the mannequin as well as the store. Black Wax Café and Studio Black American Vintage have undergone a radical transformation in recent days.

How Black Wax Café and Studio Black American Vintage transformed

 When we visited this shop in the past, Rooster and I were under the impression the merchandise was a collection of overpriced junk. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the display of the items. I’ve always thought every disaster provided an opportunity to make a positive change. Black Wax Café and Studio Black American Vintage took the COVID-19 shut down as a chance to reinvent themselves.

They pushed the vintage merchandise to the back area of the store. Then, they organized The objects with an artistic eye and redesigned the area into a vintage studio with limitless potential.

The space a prospective customer walks into is now a coffee shop. On the right side, a large collection of vinyl albums waits for you to make a selection to purchase. On the left side of this café, you can drink a cup of coffee while listening to hip music over the store’s sound system.

The Unique things we saw at Black Wax café and Studio Black American Vintage.

When you walk through the door, the first thing you notice is an upside-down Christmas tree.

Vinyl record albums are trendy. If you are searching for a rare one, you should stop by this vintage store. They have a whole record store in the front right corner of their shop.

A  distinctive feature at this unique establishment involved a wide variety of stuffed animals posed throughout the shop. They managed to arrange these dead animals in artistic positions in almost every area of the establishment. I don’t know how they came by so many stuffed animals. Maybe a local taxidermist went out of business, or someone associated with the shop is a big game hunter. The stuffed animals in this shop are an interesting but eerie attraction.

I found out who might be using the bear trap we found at Jake’s Antiques and Vintage Mall.

The backroom of this eclectic establishment appears to be a random collection of junk until you look closely. Studio Black is where all the magic happens. American Vintage Studio Black’s motto is “lost goods & found memories.” I believe the motto fits the business. The owner is William A. Black III, who has an ingenious, creative mind.

Our experience at Black Wax Café and Studio Black American Vintage

Rooster and I visited this vintage shop three days in a row. We’ve never made three trips back to the same adventure destination. On our first visit, we got acquainted with the shop. Rooster had to return on the second day to pick up a stained glass window he had to buy. We brought our computers with us on the third day to spend time writing in the Black Wax Café.

While Black Wax Café and Studio Black American Vintage is an excellent establishment, we discovered it was too stimulating for a study café. The music was too loud, and the environment too cluttered with interesting objects to get any work accomplished. Unfortunately, our search for the perfect writing coffee house must go on.

In Conclusion

If you have a hunger to spend time drinking coffee in a unique environment, set your phone’s GPS to 910 N. Washington Street Kokomo, Indiana.  Black Wax Café and Studio Black American Vintage is the perfect place for you. Bring along a pile of money if you are into vinyl albums, stuffed animals, or unique vintage items. Don’t be like Rooster and go crazy buying up everything that catches your attention. You should know your junk limit before you walk through the doors of this unique establishment. I caught the vintage buying bug on the last day with the purchase of an interesting radio.

Samples of other great finds at this unique vintage store

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about Tecumseh’s fictional town.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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  1. Molly, I would be spending days in that store. What a find!! My husband oh my gosh if he ever got a chance to get to this store, I’d be buried under vinyl. What a very unusual story and store. Thank you for the share.

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