Harry’s Old Kettle Pub and Grill


One of Rooster’s Facebook friends suggested we give Harry’s Old Kettle Pun and Grill a try. We did an online search and Found Harry’s menu. It looked like the restaurant might make for an interesting dining adventure. We pointed our Chevy Spark toward 1633 Stitt Street Wabash, Indiana, to check out Harry’s Old Kettle Pub and Grill.

Rooster and I are making it a point to dine locally. There is no telling when the state will shut down again, and these servers and cooks will be out of a job. We try to minimize our Covid risks by social distancing, frequent handwashing, and wearing masks when not at our table.

I realize most people reading my blog don’t live in Indiana. I decided to include restaurant reviews for two reasons. Firstly, these reviews give a glimpse into the local color belonging to our state. Secondly, these posts also provide brief information into the places you might like to go if you ever decide to visit. These reviews are based on my opinion. Someone else might experience a certain establishment differently than I did on my visit.

Molly’s restaurant Review of Harry’s Old Kettle Pub and Grill


It is a Hoosier tradition that the best food can be found over at the local bar. Harry’s Old Kettle Pub and Grill proved that belief to be true. I had the Dirty Harry and thought it a unique sandwich I’d had in a long time. The meat was pulled pork with a portion of bacon, onion, and bell pepper combined with a special sauce to give the pulled pork a rich flavor. Rooster had a chicken sandwich he said tasted good. We both had a side of creamy mac and cheese. I want to make a return visit and sample some of the other selections on Harry’s menu.


The rooster didn’t complain about the price of the meal. The prices listed on the menu seemed reasonable.


The waitress made repeated trips back to our table to make certain we had everything we needed. I thought she did an outstanding job.

Atmosphere and decor

Harry’s Old Kettle Pub and Grill was your typical neighborhood bar. Beer signs adorned the walls. The carpet and wall cover hadn’t been updated since 1973. A yellow water spot in the ceiling provided evidence the roof had a leak years ago. A single television played a basketball game from 2015.

On the back of the bathroom door, there existed an advertisement for Midwest Bonding and a pair of handcuffs attached to a doorknob. A useful way of advertising their services to patrons who might get in trouble on the way home later in the night.


While the inside of the bar appeared a little run down, the staff followed all Covid-19 mandates. They even made certain patrons were six feet apart. I laughed at the signs placed on the closed-off tables. The entire staff wore masks correctly and they sanitized the tables after each use.

Overall opinion

Rooster and I will go back to Harry’s Old Kettle Pub and Grill for the food. This restaurant might need some renovating, but overall it had the perfect atmosphere for a neighborhood bar. The people in Wabash love eating here. I overheard a waitress tell a patron she had a reserved table for a party of six coming in at seven. It must get busy if folks are calling in reservations. I’m sure we will make a return trip to Harry’s Old Kettle Pub and Grill  in the future.

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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