The Second Step in the New Knee Boogie


My doctor and the physical therapist tell me the pain I will experience after the surgery will be a different sort of pain than what I’m feeling now. It will be the pain of recovery, working toward a favorable outcome leading to wellness. I hope they are right and not just giving me an encouraging pep talk. None of them seem to have a new knee yet. They are all still too young. Preparation for surgery is the second step in the new knee boogie.

Removal of my ring during the second step in the new knee boogie

I haven’t removed the ring on my left hand in 47 years because it has a secure place on my finger. Rooster placed it there the day I said, “I do.” The information packet sent to me by Ortho Indy specified all jewelry be removed before surgery.

I discovered I had a big problem when I attempted to remove my wedding ring. The joint on my finger is now so large that I couldn’t get the ring to come off. Removal required a trip to a local jeweler. It took her a few minutes to clip off the ring with a tool. I slipped the ring Rooster gave to me for our thirtieth anniversary off after she applied a spray.  

Now, I have a permanent indentation on my finger where my ring used to be. My hand feels naked. I miss my rings. They are the only jewelry I own that has enough sentimental value to be close to my heart.

Physical Therapy during the second step in the new knee boogie

I went through my second stage of physical therapy this week. I can see the improvement since I started the exercise. It is so drastic I sometimes question if I need a new knee. Then the barometric pressure changes, and I know I’m making the right decision. I”m doing the exercises at home religiously because I want my leg to be in the best shape ever before the operation.

The last therapist who worked on me gave me an acronym to remember. R.I.C.E. stands for rest, ice, compression, and exercise. These are the things I need to remember, which will help me to heal. It sounds simple, but my guess is it will get more difficult during recovery.

He also explained what they would do to me during surgery. They essentially are cutting my leg off. He claims I’ll love it in a year if I do the work it takes to recover.

Covid testing during the second step in the new knee boogie

This morning Rooster and I got up and drove one-hundred miles to do a COVID test. The process took all of five minutes from beginning to end. I walked in the door, told them my name, and was led to a room. The person doing the testing walked through the door and swabbed my throat in less than three minutes. I walked back to the car as soon as Rooster got it parked. We couldn’t turn the trip into a fun excursion because now I have to quarantine.

Quarantining during the second step in the new knee boogie

I’ve never been the stay at home sort of gal. My goal is to fill my life with all the adventure I possibly can. That is why I find staying behind my four walls difficult to endure. I found it frustrating when we went into lockdown during the first stages of COVID, and I’m not looking forward to it now.

I plan to get in front of the surgery with several blog posts.  That should keep me busy and out of trouble for the next week. It will also help me achieve my goal of posting one blog a day in the coming year. I plan to keep up with my editing schedule. That might be ambitious since I’m not sure if I will be able to sit at my desk after surgery. I also have the idea of reading some of the books I have stashed in the closet beneath the stairs. I am halfway through the process of the second step in the new knee boogie. I believe I can do this. I’ll let you know how it goes. We’re going home now to quaentine.

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