The Third Step in the New Knee Boogie


I have a long list of instructions I need to follow before I go under the knife tomorrow. The first instruction to follow is to put clean sheets on the bed. That sounded easy enough. I had Rooster help me tuck in the bottom fitted sheet (those things never fit) before I did my morning exercises. It is the day before surgery with many things left to do before we go to the hospital. Therefore, I am about to do the third step in the new knee boogie.

The second instruction I’m required starts in the afternoon. I am to drink 30 ounces of Gatorade in the afternoon and repeat in the evening. This could be a problem. I hate the taste of Gatorade due to the dreaded Colonoscopy. There a bigger than average chance the experience will end badly.

The last item on the list is to wash my body with an antiseptic skin cleanser. The instructions read I need to leave it on for five minutes before I shower it off. Rooster promises to apply it to any area of my body I can’t reach. He makes it sound like fun and games, but I think it will be more like a slippery experience.

Finally, I can put my pajamas on and go to bed. I know I won’t get any sleep. There are two things I hate to do in life. The First is flying. I hate even the thought of being thousands of miles in the air traveling in a tin can. The second thing I hate is surgery. I don’t enjoy falling, and I have a strong adversion to pain.

Surgery s part of the New Knee Boogie

The overcast sky and cold temperatures traveled with Rooster and me to Indianapolis the morning of my surgery. Rooster helped me to the door with my bag and kissed me good-bye at the entrance. He could stay with me while the surgery was in progress due to COVID restrictions. The orthopedic hospital where I am scheduled to be operated on can remain open during the optional surgery shutdown. He doesn’t have COVID beds and observes strict periodicals to prevent disease spread. I hated knowing Rooster would be miles away during my surgery.

The operation was a complete success. I found myself being wheeled into the room where I would stay for the night within two hours. Now all the remains to be done for this adventure to be complete is the healing. I took a picture of my knee, thinking I’d share it to document my progress to healing. The image looked too painful and ugly to share. Maybe I will at some point along my road to recovery, but no now. The experience is still too raw.

What I’ve learned during The Third Step in the New Knee Boogie

  1. It is important to try all the natural healing remedies and exercise plans before deciding to have knee replacement surgery. It buys you enough time to make the surgery easier.
  2. Knee replacement surgery is all about the quality of life. I plan to be active until I’m one-hundred.
  3. The doctor and physical therapist give you exercises. They are the secret to success when you get a new knee.
  4. The saying, “no pain, no gain” applies to healing from knee replacement surgery.

In conclusion

I knew since my early 50s knee replacement surgery was in my future. I manage to hold off the scalpel for ten years. A part of me wishes I’d decided to have the operation before COVID. That virus has complicated a lot of things, but who could have saw it coming. I feel like I’ve over come a major hurdle and it’s all a down hill climb from here. They say it can take up to a year to heal. I know I will be back on the walking trail by then. Recovery will be an exciting challenge. Wish me luck as I get back into shape.

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9 thoughts on “The Third Step in the New Knee Boogie

  1. Good luck. A friend of mine (who was actually and ER nurse) told me that he wrote “This one” on the leg to be operated on and “NOT THIS ONE” on the other. Because he had known — in the hectic world of medicine — for them to “fix” the good one and leave the bad one as is.

  2. Fantastic news on the successful surgery! I have several friends who have recovered from this and they say the PT afterwards is so important. I’m like you/ hate flying and surgery but both can help get to better places. Here’s to walking lots in your near future!

    1. The secret is in the PT and the exercises they give you to do. The surgeons do their part. Then it is up to the patient to do theirs. I’m finding out knee replacement surgery is a team effort. You can’t be a passive bystander in the process.

  3. I’m glad your surgery went well. I’ve had several family members have wonderful success with the new knee “boogie”. Prayers for you during this recovery!

    1. I was in pain for years. It got to the place where I couldn’t walk without a cane or sleep at night. I think I will be happy I got it done once I move past this stage of the process.

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