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I picked up one of those tourist brochures from the lobby of the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel. Imagine my surprise when I discovered Springfield had a sign museum. Earlier this year, Rooster and I visited The American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. It turned out to be the highlight of our trip. Rooster called to make sure the Ace Sign Company and Sign Museum were open. The lady on the phone said they closed at five. We entered 2540 South First Street into our phone and set out to have a great adventure.

Our adventure at Ace Sign Company and Sign Museum starts.

We pulled into the Ace Sign Company parking lot, uncertain about where we should go to get to the museum. We walked through the front door and approached the front desk. There were rows of cubicles with people working at the various stations. The entire business was set up with an open concept. A young man sitting at one of the desks asked if he could help us. Rooster told him we were there to see the Sign Museum. He gave us a guest book to write our names down in and got on the phone to request a guide. He then told us Dennis Bringuet would be with us in a few moments to lead us through the museum.

Our experience at Ace Sign Company and Sign Museum

Rooster and I had a short wait before our guide showed up to give us our tour. It gave us time to look at the interesting items located in the area where we were standing. The pictures on the wall told the Ace Sign Company’s story and the history of sign making along Route 66. Springfield, Illinois, is the official birthplace of this famous national highway. In September, the city holds Mother Road Route 66 Festival to celebrate “Getting your kicks on Route 66.” It appears the Ace Sign Company had a big part in the highway’s history in the state of Illinois.

What we saw on our tour through the Ace Sign Company Sign Museum

Dennis Bringuet greeted us with a welcoming smile. It surprised Rooster and me when he opened the door and escorted us onto the sign-making floor. There were long tables and machinery with work being done while we walked through the facility. It reminded me of Mardi Gras World in New Orleans, where a visitor could watch the artists working on floats as they toured to grounds.

Dennis told us there were over 80 signs scatter throughout the room. They once made signs for businesses up and down Route 66. I guess you could say the sign business is in his blood. His grandfather started the sign company. Now, a younger generation runs the daily operation. Dennis is retired. Rooster and I had to agree that retirement is wonderful.

Dennis Bringuet’s new adventure

Like many of us Baby Boomers, Dennis didn’t want to spend his golden years watching the boob tube. He decided to step into the role of an inventor. He came up with the perfect way to add instant curb appeal to your house. The development of attaching glass to a garage door using magnets is his patented invention. If you would like to add some curb appeal to your home, give Dennis a call at 800-578-1839 or go online at www.FAUXGLAS.COM.

In conclusion

Rooster and I spent a great morning at the Ace Sign Company and Sign Museum. We enjoyed meeting Dennis Bringuet, and he was a genuinely nice guy. The world needs more hospitable people in this age of COVID. We’d buy some of his Faux Windows for our garage if we had one. This sign museum wasn’t as big as the one in Cincinnati, but it felt homier. The quick tutorial on how to get the right color of neon became one of the adventures highlights. The Ace sign company also played a major part in the history of Route 66. A treasure trove of information about this national highway lives within the Ace Sign Company’s four walls.

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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