Tulips in Holland Michigan


Rooster and I went to Holland, Michigan, on a search to find tulips. The annual Tulip Time Festival the city puts on has always been at the top of our bucket list. We never managed to make it because we had to work during the week, and motel rooms are expensive on the weekends during the festival. Now that we’re retired, we decided to make the trip. We went a week early to avoid the crowds because of the pandemic. The Tulip Festival wasn’t supposed to start yet. We discovered the colorful spring flowers weren’t hard to find, even though not all of them had opened yet. A waitress also told us they canceled the festival due to COVID, but we managed to find our share of tulips in Holland, Michigan

There be yellow tulips in Holland, Michigan.

And red tulips

And purple tulips

There be Variegated tulips in Holland, Michigan

We discovered the small city of Holland was still closed in some places, but we did manage to enjoy ourselves. The Tulip Festival might be canceled, but Rooster and I enjoyed wandering around the small city searching for the spring flower. We enjoyed the absence of the crowd. Some of the festival activities were missing, but we enjoyed the people we met. There still be tulips in Holland, Michigan, even in the aftermath of a canceled festival. Rooster and I thought we had a great adventure. We might make a return trip in May to see the tulips in all their glory.

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