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Our next stop in the city of Vincennes is the Indiana Military Museum. Walking through displays of old military hardware, a person can experience a feeling of deja vu. These museums generally display the same sort of military hardware. I found this military museum unique in the way they tried to capture a moment in time. Therefore, The Indiana Military Museum dedicated to our nation’s military story remains the favorite one visited so far.

Rooster and my experience at the Military Museum

It almost feels like you are entering a military installation as you pull through the gate of this facility. I half expected a guard to ask me if I had a pass. The military hardware, including the top portion of a submarine, displayed on the museum’s grounds caught our eye. Rooster said he would like to hang around and play but the heat prevented him from exploring.

Vincennes is the perfect spot for the Indiana Military Museum since this piece of ground has participated in every armed conflict in this nation, beginning with the French and Indian War.

Display cases line the large room of the museum, containing uniforms and military hardware dedicated to armed conflicts beginning with the Civil War.

There is even a uniform belonging to Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Rooster and I walk from exhibition to exhibition, experiencing a form of sensory overload. So many items displayed behind the glass in the cases shouted out to us. We had to examine each one. We saw uniforms from every engagement, old black and white photographs, cannonballs, rifles, awards, ribbons, medals, and various forms of military hardware.

It’s all about the uniform.

And the metals.

A glass case dedicated to the time Red Skelton served in the army.

Our experience in the Auxiliary building at the Indiana Military Museum

We almost skipped going through the Auxiliary building on the grounds of the Indiana Military Museum. Storm clouds filled the sky; temperatures soared into the upper nineties, and the humidity made it hard to breathe. I’m glad we decided to stay and see the exhibitions in this section of the museum. The displays focused on World War II. One side of the building concentrated on life on the home front n the 1930s. Then, you walked past displays of what it would be like to be a soldier on a military base. The opposite side centered around allied forces in Europe.

The home front

A military base

Fighting in Europe

Overall impression of the Indiana Military Museum

Based on our experience wandering through this inspirational museum, I can say the adventure is worth the price of admission. These facilities are not my favorite places to walk through because I’m not a big fan of war. This museum was more than a glorified tribute to America’s military past since it told many historical stories. I am a real sucker for this type of attraction. Rooster and I would never make a return trip, but I am glad we decided to experience the Indiana Military Museum on a hot and muggy Indiana afternoon.

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  1. Me and my mother really enjoy visiting museums and we’ve been to a lot of war museums too. I’m glad that you were able to experience this one. I understand why you felt a sort of sensory overload while you were there, it looks as if there are a lot of things displayed there.

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