Baby Doll in the Mailbox


Here we are in September, and I’m still hanging in there with my post a day challenge. I have written a lot of poetry using different styles since I started in January. I’m not saying it has been great poetry. I’ll admit most of it wouldn’t win any contests. Surprisingly, Word Daddy has stuck with me through the ordeal. He still says he wants a raise. This month I plan to write Soliloquies. These are rambling monologues where the poet has conversations with herself. I believe this will be my biggest challenge since I don’t often talk to myself. I want to put a disclaimer right at the front of the adventure. The views expressed are the inner dialog of the poet. They might be total bs, but they are real. The first poem in this series I will call Baby Doll in the Mailbox.

Baby Doll in the Mailbox

Rooster forgot he’d put her there

The way Roosters will sometimes do.

A simple solution to a forgotten doll

When a busy child forgot to care

About her doll so pretty and new

My husband made the late-night call

The baby would be in the mailbox

In case we weren’t at home or asleep

They could get the doll any time they wished.

Imagine how we both suffered shocks

Two days later, it gave us the creeps

The baby doll was still tightly squished.

Rooster screamed.

I screamed.

The baby doll smiled at our antics.

We’d forgotten Rooster had placed her there

And it all seemed

A little overdramatic.

Until you thought about how realistic

That baby doll looked curled into a ball

I wonder if we’d broken a postal law

And how unexpected

It was to find a baby in a mailbox

On a Sunday afternoon

Not making a sound of protest at her condition

Not to mention

How without a doubt

We’d give the mail lady a heart attack

If we didn’t take the baby out.

Our granddaughter would have to wait

To retrieve her doll from the mailbox womb.

The hour was getting late

When I happened to think

It’s important to pay attention.

Sometimes an easy solution

to a tiny problem is only an easy fix

It’s never a good idea

When you add throwing

A baby out with the bathwater into the mix.

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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