Carousel Corner in Noblesville Indiana

We finally did it. We climbed aboard the colorful carousel after two former attempts to ride the “Little Beauty” located at Forest Park. The carousel, closed for repairs on our first visit, remained motionless. A constant all-day rain stood in the way of our second trip. The skies were clear for our adventure crew’s most recent Saturday outing. We called ahead to ensure the antique amusement hadn’t closed for the season before we climbed into our Chevy Spark and traveled to Forest Park. All of us were excited when we pulled into a parking space at Carousel Corner in Noblesville, Indiana.

Why we wanted to go to Carousel Corner in Noblesville, Indiana

Our adventure crew discovered the Dentzel Carousel in Logansport, Indiana, earlier this summer. We spent an enjoyable Saturday aboard this historical landmark. I could tell my granddaughters enjoyed the ride and would be excited about finding another carousel. The organ music and old-fashioned animal menagerie gave the feeling of taking a step back into the past. We decided to ride every carousel we could find within a day’s driving distance. A search online revealed the existence of the “little Beauty.”

Details about the “Little Beauty” at Carousel Corner in Noblesville, Indiana

Significant differences exist between the Logansport Carousel and the “Little Beauty.” Accordingly, the carousel in Logansport was manufactured by the Dentzel Company. It had a menagerie of animals parading around in circles. The Carousel Corner antique amusement ride manufactured by the Allen Herschell Company in 1920 contained 20 jumping horses and two chariots. The horses moved up and down to the sound of organ music. In 1996 they installed the “Little Beauty” without constructing a building around it to shield it from the element, but the antique amusement ride does have a chain link fence wall to protect it from vandals. A local artist, Scott Shoemaker, repainted the murals. He finished in 2018.

Our experience at Carousel Corner in Noblesville, Indiana

I could feel the excitement when we pulled into the parking space and discovered the carousel running. Old-fashioned organ music floated into the air. The girls couldn’t wait to walk inside the small building and pay the price of admission. Rooster and I watched from behind the chain-link fence while our granddaughters climbed upon the backs of the horses. They appreciated the way the horses moved up and down in time to the music. The Logansport Carousel didn’t have that feature.

After several rides, our adventure crew broke up for a short while. One granddaughter wanted to play put-put Golf. I think she will become the golfer of the family. She is better than Rooster already. The younger preferred Forest Parks playground. She made two friends while doing stunts on what looked like a balance beam. The situation became a problem when big sister found out about the new acquaintances. She didn’t like the new relationships because she is the only friend baby sister can have.

The final ride at Carousel Corner in Noblesville, Indiana

We couldn’t leave Forest Park without taking a couple more spins on the “Little Beauty.” The girls keep running back to Rooster and me for money to pay for the pleasure of riding again. Overall, riding the carousel became a fun way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon. If a person was energetic, they could do the Logansport Carousel and the “Little Beauty” in a single afternoon. Rooster and I plan to do a little investigation to discover if there are other carousels within driving distance. They make great adventure destinations. 

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  1. I am happy to start the day by reading about a successful carousel adventure. I remember the pleasure of riding the one in Central Park (in NYC) when I was a child. Thanks for this glimpse into a great day with your granddaughters!

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