Mind to Out

I decided to live dangerously in October. It’s a scary month, so I’m going to explore a form of poetry with stringent rules that moves at a rapid-fire pace. I’m going to write blitz poetry. This unusual style, developed by Robert Keim, has set rules using connecting phrases to create a 50-line verse titled Mind to Out.

Line 1 is a short phrase or image. Line 2 is another short phrase or image using the same first word as line 1. Lines 3 and 4 starts with the same word used as the last word of line 2. Then, lines 5 and 6 use the last word of line 4. This pattern is followed until line 48. Line 49 uses the last word in 48. Line 50 begins with the last word in line 47. The title is three words long. The title format is the first word of line 3, a preposition or conjunction, and the first word of 47. You can’t use any punctuation. Luckily, these poems don’t need to rhyme. This poetic adventure will either be a lot of fun or leave me frustrated. I will call this Blitz poem Mind to Out. Let’s get our spooky scare on right now.

Mind to Out

Fragment of a poem

Fragment stuck in my mind

Mind trying to construct

Mind attempting to sort

Sort all the words

Sort to make them fit

Fit into 50 lines

Fit into a perfect pattern

Pattern that makes sense

Pattern that doesn’t rhythm

Rhythm has always been my ally

Rhythm my perfect defense

Defense against boredom

Defense against sounding dull

Dull like and unsharpened pencil

Dull like a corner dunce

Dunce that wears a pointy hat

Dunce who won’t obey the rules

Rules of the poet police

Rules of the complicated blitz

Blitz poems have a lot of rules

Blitz poems can drive you mad

Mad like Word Daddy

Mad like when he heard

Heard I was attempting this style

Heard he’d have to come up with stuff

Stuff to make people smile

Stuff pleasant sounding to the ear

Ear of the poet

Ear of the spectator

Spectator to my challenge

Spectator in our little sport

Sport of creating something substantial

Sport of posting for an entire year

Year filled with poems

Year filled with adventure

Adventure to the dark corners

Adventure of rambling inside my head

Head filled with passion

Head with a few treasures

Treasures tangled up with sighs

Treasures that come as a suprise

Surprise to Word Daddy

Surprise because they were there

There to mine and cast about

There to discover and take out

Out of the box and unleash on the world

Out of the dark to be unfurled



Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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