A Return to Carmel Porch Fest


It started as a race against the clock. Sunday morning for Rooster and me is always set aside for worship. As soon as church let out, we started our journey to Carmel, Indiana. This year our adventure crew included my daughter, one of her twins, and her husband. That meant there were a total of six of us making a return to Carmel Porch Fest. They canceled the event last year due to COVID. In Rooster and my opinion, Porch Fest is one of the best festivals held in Indiana. We knew we couldn’t miss it.

We had to eat before we made a return to Carmell Porch Fest

Our first stop on this Sunday afternoon adventure was Big Hoffa’s Barbeque. The restaurant wasn’t included in our itinerary, but we all needed to eat. The folks at Big Hoffa’s kept busy during COVID lockdown. They came up with a unique pirate theme, which includes interesting additions to the menu. We enjoyed an excellent meal before we got back on the road again. If you are visiting the Central Indiana area and are in the mood for barbeque, I highly recommend Big Hoffa’s located at 800 E. Main Westfield, Indiana.

Our 2021 return to Carmel Porch Fest Experience

A heatwave managed to work its way across the state of Indiana. We found it unseasonably hot on our walk toward the music. We heard it off in the distance, and the music motivated us to keep walking.  Here’s how porch fest works. People in the Carmel Arts District donate their front porch or yard to musicians for an afternoon. They play for several hours as people stroll past. If you like a particular sound, you can hang out for a while and watch the performers play. Rooster and I both feel this is the coolest festival of the year in the entire state. The sound reminds us of New Orleans.

We arrived at the party late, but we managed to do a lot of walking and listened to a lot of music. The canine population came out in large numbers, accompanied by their owners. The dogs and humans all behaved civilly toward one another. Sometimes that is as much as a person can ask for in a crowded place like Porch Fest. I found the fire hydrant on the corner decorated again in a different style. I hope none of the dogs in attendance lifted a leg to it. The Colt’s Cheerleader was too pretty to desecrate with urine.

Music filled the air

We strolled the streets, stopping to listen to music on the various porches. Music filled the air, clashing in a cacophony of sound. Like Rooster and I experienced in New Orleans, these different styles seemed to blend and create a pleasant noisy cocktail. We walked and listened until we made our way to the end of the street, where we discovered a group playing Funk. The animated man, dancing to a version of Wild Cherry’s “Play that Funky Music White Boy persuaded us to cop a squat at the curb so we could watch and listen. (We could tell his wife got embarrassed watching him bust a move.)

Ending our Carmel Porch Fest Experience

We remained seated on the curb until the Jazz band next to the original one played several songs. It was time to move on, so we made our way down the street again. Our adventure crew walked for a while before the heat overcame us. We knew the festival was about to come to an end. It would be a good idea to leave at this point to beat the crowd trying to make a quick escape. We climbed into our vehicles and headed for a place where we could get something to drink. Maybe next year we can get to Carmel when the music starts. I want to experience Porch Fest from beginning to end. Note to self: next year, don’t forget the lawn chairs. Sitting on a curb isn’t the most comfortable experience.

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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