The Writer’s Dilemma


I first saw Cleave Poetry on Ben Alexander’s wonderful blog, so I did a little research. This style of poetry, created by Dr. Phvoc-Tan Diep, is three poems combined into one with two contrasting views. The reader must read the right side of the poem. Then the left side of the poem. Finally, they must read all the lines to catch the entire meaning. I decided to try this style of poetry for December. I think it might prove to be my biggest challenge—the first poem of the month I tittle The Writer’s Dilemma.

The Writer’s Dilemma

Word Daddy is the name of my muse/ the dude who sings the blues

He claims I don’t pay him enough/ the one who acts so tough

He has a valid point/ with his nose always out of joint

 I can’t pay him if I don’t have a dime/ who never has the time

I want to do right by him/ sometimes he is just so dim

Hiring a muse is risky/when he comes around smelling of whisky

I appreciate the good times we’ve had/ talking strong and acting bad

When he’s lit my creative fuse/ I wish he wouldn’t abuse

There are days when he knows his stuff/ sometimes he calls my bluff

With words crafted to anoint/ most of the time he can disappoint

He’s not to blame for prospects grim/ he disappears with every whim

I’d love to pay him while I work for free/ but he has to see

His situation makes me extremely sad/ providing me with the words would make me so glad

Show me the words and I’ll show you the money.

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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