Muncie Children’s Museum

Some of the focus of this blog is to record the adventures Rooster and I take. We added our two youngest granddaughters after we retired. I decided one of my challenges for 2022 would consist of recording the adventure in a mock-epic poetic style. Today we journeyed to the Muncie Children’s Museum located at 515 S. High Street Muncie, Indiana. This attraction was worth the trip. Our grandkids had fun, and reasonable cost made Rooster happy. We all know he is cheap, cheap, cheap.

Quest to the Muncie Children’s Museum

I plead with the picky Word Daddy for a steady hand

And the words to help the reader hear and understand

The glorious tale of the adventures gathered that day

At the feast of fools before getting underway

Cups of hot chocolate, a syrupy but toxic brew

Sugar high adventures with tall tales that grew

Chicken little made a sour,  frightening face

Baby Bird constructed a blinding metal grace.

The adventures climbed in a carriage of spark

And traveled past the big dog’s warning bark

Until they spotted flags unfurled

The Rooster didn’t utter a word

Passing vessels seeking treasure

Gliding gracefully to find pleasure

It appeared we would get stuck in the city

The Henhouse lady thought it was a pity.

Finally, we flowed by barren brownfields

Roadside crosses to mark a place of past kills

In our right flaming pillars of fire

Overhead angry birds on a wire

Naked branches of monstrous trees

We journey to the kingdom of Muncie

On a quest to find some lingering fun

In a world made weary by the lack of sun

We entered unfamiliar lands

Beyond the sculptures holding hands

We bribed the guard sitting at the gate

To let us pass to an uncertain fate

Airplanes in flight overhead

Watertower to climb instead

A woodland to explore

Trains running on a track galore.

Baby Bird climbs into the belly of a beast

She was happy once his growling ceased

Chicken little makes a call

We worried Baby Bird might fall

A marketplace to gather food

Once in the kitchen, cook it good

A pretend ballon to ride up, up, and away

A giant mouse that wants to play

A one-room schoolhouse where we can learn

The bully-boy Babby Bird decided to spurn

A honeycomb to explore

A hovering bee hard to ignore

A tiny Ferris wheel and carousel

In a village where little people dwell

Chicken little climbs onto a red machine

A message on the wall in lights so clean

Now it is time for us to go

We walk through the exit very slow

As soon as we emerge into the sun

Baby Bird says, “That was fun.”

Our trusty chariot, the Chevy Spark

It carries us into the growing dark

On the journey home, tired children rest

This museum is among our greatest quest

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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