Day Eighteen of 365 Days of Thankfulness


It took weeks for me to decide on a blogging challenge for 2022. I didn’t want to lose the momentum I achieved in 2021. The light bulb moment came while I got my morning steps in the gym. Ideas come to me when I walk. I know the plan isn’t original. After all, I know of people who have done the 365 days of thankfulness challenge. I’ve never attempted to express this level of gratitude in any official capacity. How hard can it be, right? This post expresses day eighteen of 365 days of thankfulness.  

Day Eighteen of 365 Days of Thankfulness

On day eighteen of my 365 days of thankfulness, I have to admit I am grateful to live in the state of Indiana. It gets humid here in the summer and bitter cold in the winter. We can experience the occasional ice storm or tornado. We don’t get as much snow as we used to. They say it’s because of global warming. There’s talk we might own beachfront property if Lake Michigan overflows its banks. It can get boring here. Sometimes the only thing to do is watch the corn grow.

There was a time when I longed to live in a big city, but I can’t think of a better place to be in a pandemic. We aren’t overcrowded, and food is grown around here. People around here are famous for helping their neighbors touched by disaster. Folks are nosey but kind. The simple way around the nosey part is not to tell everyone your business. Also, people around here know how to fix stuff. They are hardworking and handy when you’re in a bind. Watching the corn grow isn’t bad as long as good barbeque is on the menu and the night is warm.

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