Winter Storm

I wanted to find some interesting styles of poetry for 2022. Metered poetry has always been a challenge for me. I discovered I subconsciously avoided the challenge of dabbling in this particular writing pattern. This year I decided to spread my wings and fly into the face of the storm. I stumbled across the Aquarian by accident and thought it might be interesting to play with this metered style during the last part of January and the entire month of February. This I will call  Winter Storm.

I am discovering this style of poetry is harder than it first appeared. You only have to develop fourteen syllables for each stanza, but sometimes you want to write more. Plus, I find the constant counting of the syllables distracting. I also have to fight the urge to create rhythms. These short poems have gotten darker, and I am not sure why. Maybe it’s caused by the dark winter or all the conflicting messages we get these days. There is one thing for sure. They are filled with a touch of sadness. A little winter time blues.

About the Aquarian and Winter Storm

Maris Mazz created this metered style of poetry.

Each stanza has lines of 2/4/6/2 syllables. They can have any number of stanzas creating multiples of 4 lines. They aren’t supposed to rhythm at all.

Winter Storm

Two days
Before the snow
I traveled to the store
And laughed.

Made fun 
Of the insane
Panic and empty shelves.

Of all
The weather lies
Told in winters long past
By the

Staring from my
Television screen news
At ten

Then the
Snow started to 
Fall from a blank white sky
And I

Knew the
Forecast was
True and this was no joke

From a
Lackluster sky
Snowflakes falling on 
Green ground.

Now white
With winters harsh 
Reminder of the past
Has come.

I hear
Old timers claim
This one is as bad as 78.
No Way.

It is
But different
With less wind and drifting 

This one
Will be one for 
The record books to live 
In time

I hate
To admit it
The weatherman was right
This time. 

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Storm

  1. Sorry that the forecaster was right. More importantly, that you have to deal with the storm that was severe. The storm moved over here but was met with warmer weather coming from the south. So we have a mess of ice and rain that is inconvenient but not alarming. I hope that your neighborhood clears out and that you are well- (or sufficiently) supplied.

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