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I wanted to find some interesting styles of poetry for 2022. Metered poetry has always been a challenge for me. I discovered I subconsciously avoided the challenge of dabbling in this particular writing pattern. This year I decided to spread my wings and fly into the face of the storm. I stumbled across the Aquarian by accident and thought it might be interesting to play with this metered style during the last part of January and the entire month of February. This one I will call Soil Sample. It is a long Aquarian inspired by true events.

I am discovering this style of poetry is harder than it first appeared. You only have to develop fourteen syllables for each stanza, but sometimes you want to write more. Plus, I find the constant counting of the syllables distracting. I also have to fight the urge to create rhythms. These short poems have gotten darker, and I am not sure why. Maybe it’s caused by the dark winter or all the conflicting messages we get these days. One thing for sure, sadness captured my attention during this dark winter.

About the Aquarian and Soil Sample

Maris Mazz created this metered style of poetry.

Each stanza has lines of 2/4/6/2 syllables. They can have any number of stanzas creating multiples of 4 lines. They aren’t supposed to rhythm at all.

Soil Sample

The first
Sign of trouble
Was in letter in our

We might have just
A little tainted soil

Of the
Factories left over
From the

Long gone
Once glorious 
Town factory system

Now gone
Along with the 
Steel Mill and printers of

Then came
The whispers of
Developing our hood
If the

Land could
Be bought cheap or
The homeowners forced to

See that
Was the problem
With our hood we all owned
Our dirt

Then came
The dream from my
Son where I fought pirated

In the
Front yard with a
Broom and a switchblade knife

Were trying to
Take our land and our house

Us to 
Be careful from
His apartment in in New
York City

To our land grab
Waiting for them to make
The next

Move in
This ugly game 
Of Monopoly for
The rich

To get 
Richer and us
To become homeless
Next came

The sealed
Registered white
Letter informing us
They would

Tear down
The abandoned
Building across the street
For free

Like it 
Was our problem
To fix and help maintain
“Sorry for

While we tear the building
Down to

The ground
And by the way
We will try not to block
The road.”

Then came
The knock on my
Door asking permission
To test

My soil
Because we hadn’t
Responded to the last

I told
Him to come back
When the Rooster got home

He is 
Can be scary 
Looking when his feathers 
Are ruffled

The guy
Knocked on the door
Rooster told him to go 

The guy
Ask why he was
So against having the
Soil tested

You want me to 
Have it done so bad and
I don’t

Like all 
Of the pressure 
Plus my gut feeling says
There are

Things you
Are hiding from
Us about this testing
He slammed

The door
In the soil sample
Guy’s face and laughed out loud

Stopped and we were 
Never bothered again
And talk

Of any
Future projects
Ceased in secret meetings
Down at

City hall
Was stopped, the factory
Still stands.

Of the story
It’s a good idea
When the

Come around to
Ask questions and stand
Your ground

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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9 thoughts on “Soil Sample

  1. Good for you standing your ground! Building and development is going crazy in the Charlotte area. It is sad to see all that land being cleared and ticky tacky houses being built.

    1. The odd thing is no one cared about this neighborhood until the developers got involved. They gave up on our block when we all refused the soil testing. Now there are rumors they plan to take the park a block away to build the low income apartment housing.

      1. Mo. I think it is more like they are building these sort of projects all over town to attract people from Chicago. There us big money in area five housing. It’s garenteed federal money.

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