False Flag

I wanted to find some interesting styles of poetry for 2022. Metered poetry has always been a challenge for me. I discovered I subconsciously avoided the challenge of dabbling in this particular writing pattern. This year I decided to spread my wings and fly into the face of the storm. I stumbled across the Aquarian by accident and thought it might be interesting to play with this metered style during the last part of January and the entire month of February. This one I will call False Flag.

I am discovering this style of poetry is harder than it first appeared. You only have to develop fourteen syllables for each stanza, but sometimes you want to write more. Plus, I find the constant counting of the syllables distracting. I also have to fight the urge to create rhythms. These short poems have gotten darker, and I am not sure why. Maybe it’s caused by the dark winter or all the conflicting messages we get these days. One thing for sure, sadness captured my attention during this dark winter.

About the Aquarian and False Flag

Maris Mazz created this metered style of poetry.

Each stanza has lines of 2/4/6/2 syllables. They can have any number of stanzas creating multiples of 4 lines. They aren’t supposed to rhythm at all.

False Flag

You arm
Yourself with the
Right sort of convincing 
Word to

Guilt or distain
Your favorite sharpened

Aimed in
Our direction
False argument from a
Fake flag

To look like an
Ally and a close friend
Not a

Insurgent on 
This battlefield of truth
Ship with

 False flag
Unfurled for us
To lower defenses

You to
Your intentions and start
The war

From the fabric
Woven with deception
You march

Our border to
Bring us to the near brink
Of war

Then you
Retreat without
Acknowledging defeat 
You win

You were never
Strong enough to put up
A fight

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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4 thoughts on “False Flag

  1. Well penned.

    Editorial notes:
    I believe you meant “disdain” rather than “distain”
    Unless you intended the name “Allie”, I think you wanted “ally” or “allies”

    Did you mean “then” here? “The you; Retreat without; Acknowledging defeat; You win

  2. I’ve noticed the increasingly somber aspect of your Aquarian work. But this aspect is not without reason, and difficult things to be expressed as well. That can be good for all of us.

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