I am happy March has arrived, and I can put my adventure with the Aquarian metered poetry behind me. I’ve decided to move into new territory. In the past, I have devoted myself to writing a single style of poetry for the month. Writing in the same style for thirty days can get tiring, so I will lunch a new way of attacking my poetic journey. I will explore three new types of poetry in March, and I plan to write Breccbairdne, Blackout, and Brady’s Touch poems. This poetic adventure will teach me many important lessons about meter and rhythm.  Let’s get started. This poem is a Black Out Poem titled Autopsies.

About Black Out Poetry and Autopsies

Blank Out Poem

Poet takes a black marker and redacts words until a poem is formed. It is important to note the text and redacted words form a visual poem.

Method to use

!. Identify source text. The source can be a newspaper, a page from a book, or any written text.

2. Draw a box around keywords or phrases.

3. Make Connections between boxes. (This is optional.)

4. Color the rest in with a marker. You can use any color. The most common color used is black.

I found this style of creating a poem unique from anything I’ve ever tried before. The words are already provided, and the challenge is to make something poetic out of the text. I decided to use Mr. Chartwell, Rebecca Hunt, to create these poems. This example uses a squiggly line to mark out unwanted text. I prefer the total black out method.

I remind myself
Not to perform autopsies.
“You should treat yourself kindly.
You should let yourself listen to the compulsion.’

“I can’t bear the sound of my own voice.
Squander the gold.
An underlying sense of futility,
Put there with love.”
Dear hands among the leaves.

“My wife,
She calls me a poor old thing.
It’s an enduring bruise on my conscience.
The gratitude terrifies me.”

The empty glass.
The scent of whiskey,
Wet against the deep glass base.
Johnny Walker Red label.
“And not a drink I would offer to you.”

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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  1. I like the phrases you chose for your poem, and the blackout method is very interesting. This method reminds me of a dream analysis technique where you write your dream and then circle words or phrases that stand out. I look forward to the next poem styles. I had followed you already but somehow WP unfollowed? I was wondering why I didn’t see your posts :).

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