Exploring St Joe Michigan

Rooster and I traveled most of the day in heavy traffic. Michigan has the same road construction season that we in the Hoosier have. There must be some sort of rule that summer is the time to tear everything up or finish projects that never got done the previous year. This ensures driving will be hazardous and clumsy all year round. We decided to spend an afternoon exploring St Joe Michigan.

Rooster and I have stopped in this small community on the shore of Lake Michigan many times in the past. We decided to hang out here for the afternoon and stay for the night in a move to lumber home slowly. There was no rush to get back into the routine of our daily life. The first thing we explored is the swing bridge that allows railroad cars to cross the St. Joseph River and make their run in front of Silver Beach. We have only ever seen the bridge open to allow boats through.

The swing bridge we found while exploring St Joe Michigan

Rooster and I stood on the walkway and waited to see if the bridge would close. We didn’t have to stand there long before the bridge swung closed.

Men working in the platform like structure closed the bridge before they climbed out and walked toward the parking lot. It looked like their shift ended and they were going home for the night. Rooster and I walked toward Silver Beach, thinking maybe they left it closed for the night. We weren’t at the beach long before a train came into view. The next shift must close the bridge.

Silver Beach and exploring St Joe Michigan

Something is always happening at Silver Beach. People play in the large water park area or go to swim in Lake Michigan. Then, they can stop for a slice at Silver Beach Pizza. Rooster and I have eaten her before, and I can honestly say they serve an excellent pie.

People are always coming and going on the colorful stairs leading to the beach.

I took a picture of the stairs without people. I found it very artistic.

We decided to eat at The Buck exploring St Joe Michigan

Rooster and I visited the unique shops this small beach community has to attract tourist to their downtown area. We had a lot o fun wondering from door to door. One antique shop caught our attention. They had some interesting pieces. A person could find anything their heart desired in this two block area from sun screen and beach towels to high priced antiques. We got hungry as is our custom. There were several restaurants in this area, and we selected The Buck.

A peanut butter burger on the menu sounded good. We both decided to order that. We had a cool view from where we sat of the alley and powerlines. I could almost reach out and touch the electricity. Talk about a shocking experience.

We decided to go back to the hotel and catch the sunset show. The Holiday Inn Express & Suites on Lake Shore Drive in St. Joe provides a great view of the sun as it slips from the sky. Rooster and I stay here for that very reason. The sun took its time going down and a crowd started to collect. Rooster and I decided to go back to the room because we’d seen the show already on previous visits.

The sunset we found while Exploring St Joe Michigan

We did get to watch boats sail across the water, making their way to where they wanted to be one it grew dark.

Rooster and I love this little community on the shore of Lake Michigan. We always find something interesting to do or see every time we visit St. Joe. It’s time for us to head home and leave Michigan in our rearview mirror. I know we will come back again because Michigan is one of our favorite playgrounds. Rooster and I were both sad our Frankenmuth adventure came to an end.

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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10 thoughts on “Exploring St Joe Michigan

  1. Thanks for sharing! Looks like both you and Rooster had a great time. We were particularly taken with the painting of “kids on stairs”. A neat challenge to your perception…

  2. The lake shore looks like an ocean front. I’ve been to Erie Pennsylvania and the lake front there is like an ocean. It is endless…

  3. I’ve never been to the great lakes, Molly, so those water views are pretty spectacular. And the painted stairs were awesome. I had to do a double take. Thanks for sharing your trip to St. Joe. It looks like a wonderful place for a visit, especially when the sun is shining. 🙂

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