The Morning of Day Three on the Road With the Dogs

We had to wear our jackets on the morning of day three on the road with the dogs. The storm the night before brought down the temperatures. Our plans included a good breakfast at Big Boppers and a visit to the Marblehead Lighthouse. The third day on the road with the dogs turned into the best adventure of the entire trip. I decided to break the time up into sections filled with the interesting places we visited.

it’s always a good idea to start a ride off with a good meal. Big Boppers had the perfect atmosphere to make four travel weary bikers feel right at home. The waitress was awesome and the food was good. We’d recommend this homestyle restaurant to anyone visiting the Port Clinton area.

Marblehead lighthouse With the dogs

We’ve visited Marblehead Lighthouse on a past road trip to Lake Erie. The picturesque lighthouse is one of the favorite stops for people exploring the area. We wanted to visit the Lighthouse keepers house, but it wouldn’t open until later in the day. I think they have shortened hours due to COVID. Still, we enjoyed exploring the grounds with the other people who made it one of their vacation stops. The lighthouse became a fun place to stop on the morning of Day three on the road with the dogs

This lighthouse is one of the oldest on the Great Lakes.

Cedar Point off in the distance on the morning of day three on the road with the dogs

We spent time exploring the area around the lighthouse.

Punky had fun playing on the rocks. I’m sure she wanted to put one in Jerry’s saddle bag to take home with her, but he rejected the idea. Punky has the heart of a pirate.

We saw the amusement park, Cedar Point off in the distance. The local attraction became our constant focal point for the rest of the day.

I am always the one taking pictures, so it is a rare occasion that Rooster and I appear in the same photograph. Punky got two shots of us as we went exploring.

I have a bad case of helmet head.

Jerry and Rooster had a short conference to come up with a plan about where we would ride next. Sandusky became the destination with a quick stop along the way.

We decided to head for the Johnson’s Island Confederate Cemetery. I found the cemetery’s to be a big mystery that I wanted to solve. A group of three biker’s pulled up as we were leaving. They were an older man, his son, and grandson from Tennessee. The day before they roe in rain all the way to Detroit. I am so glad that so far on this trip we had managed to stay dry.

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