Entry 74: Don’t Want to Fall Into Bad Habits

I’ve never been good about keeping a journal. It all boils down to consistency. There are days when I skip making an entry. Life can crowd out the time I need to write down my thoughts about a day’s events. I’ve also been reluctant to pose as an expert on the writing process. If I knew anything of value about writing, my work would already be in print. I went out on a skinny limb of a tall in 2022 when I shared my 365 days of thankfulness. The exercise forced me to put myself out there with my soft belly exposed. Thank you for joining me on my journey in the written word. Therefore, I plan to keep a journal in 2023 to document my progress. I will call Entry 74: Don’t Want to Fall Into Bad Habits.

Note: I consider editing an important part of the writing process. Editing is where all the artistry happens.

My morning writing before I started Entry 74: Don’t Want to Fall Into Bad Habits.

I finally made it through the rewrite of chapter 43 of Amazing Buchanan and the Beast. This chapter was difficult to write because it told about something I had no experience with, so I had to explore my imagination to build a solid foundation to return to when I edit. This scene is much better than the boring stuff I wrote during NaNoWriMo. It shines the spotlight on Louisiana Bayou country and gives the book a unique Cajun flavor. 

I am still struggling with the poetry. That’s all I have to say.

The book I am currently reading right now and Entry 74: Don’t Want to Fall Into Bad Habits.

I started the second section of J.D. Salinger’s Franny and Zooey. It starts with an introduction by the author, claiming the book isn’t a literary work but more like a home movie. He worried it would fail because of his use of the word “God” because of the name-dropping effect. These characters chain smoke through the entire book without giving it a second thought. I almost choke while I am reading the pages. In 1955, people smoked in restaurants, schools, and hospitals. Salinger claims that the three main characters drive the story. I know that I’ve experienced characters that refuse to keep silent and interfere with the author’s telling of the story.

The novella starts with Zooey in the bathtub, chain-smoking and reading a script and a letter from his brother, Buddy. The subject concerns Zooey getting a degree. Their mother, Bessie, worries he won’t have anything to fall back on if his acting career eventually fails. The reader learns the seven Glass children performed at various times in their childhood on a radio program called “It’s a Wise Child.” The kids answered questions for the listening audience. The older brother Seymore committed suicide, which leaves Buddy as the oldest.

Zooey finished reading the long letter and picked up the script. His mother comes into the bathroom. I find this very odd that a mother would enter the bathroom where her grown son is bathing. She is worried about Franny lying on the couch. The painters are almost done with Franny’s room and will move to the living room, where she is comatose on the couch. Bessie wants Zooey to do something about the situation.

What I’m listening to right now and Entry 74: Don’t Want to Fall Into Bad Habits.

I am listening to Damien Rice’s O this afternoon. I am in a melancholy mood, and Rice has a sad sound.

The thing I am most thankful for at this moment.

I am so thankful we managed to get to the gym today. Life has suddenly got so busy that we haven’t made it for a few days. There is always a danger that a person can fall back into bad habits. It would be easy to do.

This old lady says

A person needs to stick with a thing that is working. I know my health is better than it was a year ago. I need to keep doing the stuff that is working even if I get busy. It would be so easy to fall into the trap of sitting on the couch and watching television.

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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  1. Ooh, it sounds like you’ve made an improvement in your life and improves are always great.

    I am taking that name down so I can listen to the artist. You make him sound interested.

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