Entry 76: The Answer in the Letter

I’ve never been good about keeping a journal. It all boils down to consistency. There are days when I skip making an entry. Life can crowd out the time I need to write down my thoughts about a day’s events. I’ve also been reluctant to pose as an expert on the writing process. If I knew anything of value about writing, my work would already be in print. I went out on a skinny limb of a tall in 2022 when I shared my 365 days of thankfulness. The exercise forced me to put myself out there with my soft belly exposed. Thank you for joining me on my journey in the written word. Therefore, I plan to keep a journal in 2023 to document my progress. I will call Entry 76: The Answer in the Letter.

Note: I consider editing an important part of the writing process. Editing is where all the artistry happens.

My morning writing before I started Entry 76: The Answer in the Letter

I wrote the long letter left by Will’s great-grandfather in a secret compartment of his desk. It provides clues to the source of the curse and how to break it. This letter is one of the additions I am adding to Amazing Buchanan and the Beast. It solves one of the biggest problems connected to the ending of the curse that transforms him into a Rougarou. It also provides the reason why the curse was activated. The family has a long history associated with this curse.

I wrote several Cascade poems. I’m not certain they are any good, but I found them interesting and entertaining to write. The importance of fun when I write outshines perfection at this stage of my life. 

The book I am currently reading right now and Entry 76: The Answer in the Letter

I find exploring the world of Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger fascinating. These former quiz kid celebrities grown into adulthood have difficulty dealing with life. The remnants of their childhood scattered in the New York City apartment remind them of their past. The mother applies pressure on Zooey to fix his younger sister. She threatens to contact a psychiatrist. Zooey argues against the idea. He believes a psychiatrist’s interference led to Seymor’s suicide. When he shaves his face and puts on his shoes, the action moves to the Living room where Franny sleeps.

What I’m listening to right now and Entry 76: The Answer in the Letter

Rooster and I have several movie soundtracks. I am listening to the one from Walking the Line this morning—the lives of Johnny and June Carter depicted in the movie told the story of their lives. The original music sounded better, in my opinion. I don’t listen to this soundtrack often, but I was in the mood for a little depressing country music this morning.

The thing I am most thankful for at this moment.

I am thankful I only have my life to worry about, and I am not accountable for the lives lived by other people. People create a mountain of problems for themselves.

This old lady says

Don’t let people bury you under a mountain of problems you didn’t create. You shouldn’t take on other people’s issues. They won’t learn if you solve their problems. You can lend them the shovel and show them where to dig, but you can’t so the work for them.

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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