Entry 112: Remodeling Disaster

I’ve never been good about keeping a journal. It all boils down to consistency. There are days when I skip making an entry. Life can crowd out the time I need to write down my thoughts about a day’s events. I’ve also been reluctant to pose as an expert on the writing process. If I knew anything of value about writing, my work would already be in print. I went out on a skinny limb of a tall in 2022 when I shared my 365 days of thankfulness. The exercise forced me to put myself out there with my soft belly exposed. Thank you for joining me on my journey in the written word. Therefore, I plan to keep a journal in 2023 to document my progress. I will call this post Entry 112: Remodeling Disaster.

Note: I consider editing an important part of the writing process. Editing is where all the artistry happens.

My morning writing before I started Entry 112: Remodeling Disaster

I’m still taking a break from Amazing Buchanan and The Beast. It rests comfortably on my desktop, waiting for me to start editing. Meanwhile, I’ve spent some extra time on social media. I almost broke up with Twitter but decided to give it another try. What can it hurt? I have so much time invested there that I can’t seem to let go. Instagram is still beyond my understanding. I like WordPress best.

The poetry I’m writing this month has caught my interest. Word Daddy whispers in my ear at odd moments. He’s behaved himself the past few weeks< and I heard rumors he’s working a twelve-step program. It might be a good idea to keep him around a while longer. I am discovering that it is hard for me to let things go. When I do, I always end up with a remodeling disaster.

The book I am currently reading right now and Entry 112: Remodeling Disaster

I finished Barbara Taylor Bradford’s The Heir and was disappointed. This woman has a large following, but this historical romance didn’t appeal to me. The characters weren’t likable, the time sequence felt empty, and even in the 1970s, the people’s behavior seemed archaic. Bess enters an arranged marriage with Harry Turner. His son is a through back to grandfather Edward. He dumps his wife because she can’t produce a son. His second wife can’t give birth to a male heir either. She is conveniently killed off in a car accident. He takes up with another woman who produces a son. This guy is rude to his three-year-old daughter, making it clear she isn’t important because she is a girl.

My new reading list includes three books by Kate Atkinson. I’ve never read this author before and am looking forward to this adventure.

What I’m listening to right now and Entry 112: Remodeling Disaster

I love the full albums I’ve found on YouTub. The ads can be distracting, but it allows me to access music I’ve forgotten about over the years. I continue the Neil Young theme and found “After the Gold Rush.” Mr. Young would have a problem with the sound of digital music, but beggars can’t be choosers.

What I dreamed last night and Entry 112: Remodeling Disaster

I know I dreamed, but I didn’t remember what it was about.

The adventure Rooster and I took and Entry 112: Remodeling Disaster

Yeah! Rooster and I were able to go to the gym and walk today. The bathroom construction has slowed down to a trickle. There are only so many things we can do before we get the replacement doors for the shower.

The thing I am most thankful for at this moment.

I am thankful we discovered we could shower at the gym. The caulking around the shower needed to dry. That takes 24 hours. I hate going without a good soaking.

This old lady says

Every remodeling project should have a warning sticker, especially if you live in a pink 100-year-old house. It would help if you were prepared for anything when you take on a project like this.

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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  1. What a strange book! 🤔

    And I get staying on Twitter. You seem to have a very sound mind from the small interactions I had from you on here. Twitter needs more people like that.

    And, I heard about renovations for old homes is that you have to prepare your wallet and be careful about renovating yourself. Good luck!

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