Make Your Bed

Life Lesson Number 9: Make Your Bed

I saw a self-help video a long, long time ago. The sad thing is I don’t remember the name of the person that made it or much of what the man said. The one thing I took away from what I watched in that you should make your bed every morning. The Army requires soldiers to do it. The guy in the video might have been a drill sergeant. It’s not hard to do, and doesn’t take much time. I figured I’d give it a shot. It is importance to waking up in the in the morning and make your bed.

Make Your Bed

Why should I perform this cumbersome household task? It will get mess up again in a few hours. That is a good question, so I will try to explain why making your bed is important.

  1. An unmade bed is your mess. It is important to clean up after yourself.
  2. It will give you a sense of accomplishment. If you do nothing else all day, at least you make your bed.
  3. It only takes five minutes at the most to get the job done
  4. Even a dumb person can perform this task.
  5. It feels so good to climb into a made bed at night.
  6. I like my bedroom when the bed is made. It looks nice.
  7. I have nothing else to add to this discussion.

Make Your Bed

With that nagging advice, I will leave you with one final thought. No matter how hard I tried. I could never get any of my children to make their beds. I think it was because they knew it they ran off to school without doing it I would cave and make the beds. Okay, I’ll admit to being one of those mothers. I gave up all hope when they entered high school and let them live in their mess. All five of them left my house pretty much to live their lives as bed-making slobs. Do I think you will take my advice by reading this blog? Not a chance. I’m just saying endeavoring to have a good nights sleep with out crinkled sheets is a good life lesson.

In conclusion, I have a confession to make, I don’t make my bed every day. It all depends on how much writing I need to get done. I guess this is a worthy goal we can all work achieve.

Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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13 thoughts on “Make Your Bed

  1. I remember that video. It really was impressively done, and I’ll bet it did a lot of folks a lot of good.

    Creative types need a bit more flex and latitude ~ and still get their contributions made. Different strokes do indeed work for different folks.

    As for me, optimally I should be able to lie down for a shortish space two or three times a day. Often the Muse or pain (or, right now, of course, my stupid stalker) has me up at night too ~ so I can’t make the bed every time (when I have one & not just a van floor, I mean) but I arrange it so that a quilted throw covers the disorder loosely but decoratively…

  2. My father was in the military and ran the house as such. I made my bed every day and still do. I always told all of my children they deserve a comfortable neat bed. They always had the choice of making their bed their way, as long it was neat.

  3. My foster parents were in the military, and they taught me a lot about it before I joined. I was the only soldier in basic training who did not have their bed flipped because I knew how to make it. 😊

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