Clean up After Yourself

Life Lesson Number 13: Clean up After Yourself

This post goes along with the one I wrote yesterday──Be Kind to the Janitor. I am always amazed at the messes people leave for other people to come along and clean up. I am not just talking about physical messes. Some people leave emotional wreckage every time they walk out of the room. They walk in, drop the bomb, and leave before the explosion. I try to avoid messy people. They tend to be narcissistic jerks. Sometimes there is no getting around them, especially if they are in a position of power or related to you. Don’t be like them. Clean up after yourself.

It’s easy to do. Most of the time, cleaning up requires placing something in the recycle bin. If you’ve been a jerk, apologizing can go a long way. Pride is the big culprit when it comes to cleaning up messes. It is hard to be consistent when changing your behavior, but it will go a long way to helping you live a happy life.

Clean up After Yourself

Physical garbage is the easiest place to start in a clean environment. I know people who, over time, became hoarders. They didn’t mean to allow things to get out of control, but they did. I have a belief that this has gotten worse since COVID. We were all stuck at home with nothing to do but order from Amazon. The following are a few easy steps to help you clean and remove stuff you don’t need.

  1. Before making the next purchase, ask yourself if you need the item.
  2. Start with one room. Throw away anything you haven’t used or needed in the past year.
  3. Donate what you haven’t used or throw it away.
  4. Before you leave the room, pick up your trash and throw it away.
  5. Make your bed,
  6. Do your dishes,
  7. Clean out the fridge.
  8. Do your laundry or send it out to get it done.

Your environment should be clean, and you’ve done it all yourself. Take a big bow.

Clean up After Yourself

Emotional garbage is the hardest to remove because we don’t always recognize that we are the problem. If people are always blowing up around you, you must ask yourself if you are the bomb. Here are a few things you can do to make your life less explosive.

  1. Request the help of a licensed mental health professional.
  2. Learn how to say you are sorry.
  3. Show that you are sorry by changing your behavior.

I am not suggesting that you be a doormat. Sometimes, people get angry with you because you set boundaries they don’t like. The hardest thing to do here is to figure out if your words and actions stunk. Were you being thoughtless or irrational? Emotional messes are the hardest to clean. Maybe a pain buried deep inside of you needs to be addressed. This is where the help from a mental health professional comes into the picture. They are experts at helping with emotional messes.

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  1. Somebody should tell this to our multinational corporations. When we’re through decimating somebody’s living environment because we’ve stripped it of all of the resource we want, we decamp, leaving our rusting refinery hulks and anything else ugly and inconvenient right there.

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