Take Advantage of Discounts

Life Lesson Number 14: Take Advantage of Discounts

I never bothered with discounts until I turned 65. Maybe I didn’t realize they existed or seemed like a hassle to take advantage of. I went to the grocery store yesterday and almost cried when we saw the total. The register said $91.00, and we’d only bought a few things we’d run out of over the past month. Rooster and I didn’t even have half the cart full. Whoever says this country isn’t suffering from inflation isn’t living in real-time America. We should all take advantage of discounts.

My mother lived through the Great Depression, and I feel like we are again moving into that dangerous territory. Rooster and I are on a fixed income. We don’t spend money frivolously. There is one good thing about getting old. That is the senior discount. Most places don’t advertise that they give those discounts. We have learned to ask.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Taco Bell gives a senior discount. A fellow senior citizen told us that they did. We use it every time we go through their drive-through.

Some Insurance companies offer free gym memberships through a program called Silver Sneakers. Rooster and I go to the gym and walk five days a week, and it doesn’t cost us a thing. It is one of the best benefits our insurance company offers.

Ask your car insurance company about a senior discount,

Our health insurance offers a deal of $50.00 on groceries a month. This program applies to both of us. The big issue with this is it only applies to certain stores. I’ve had to return to WalMart again, and I’m not too fond of WalMart for several reasons.

Hardware and other stores offer rebates on the products you purchase. We recently had to buy flooring and received three hundred dollars back on our card.

Take Advantage of Discounts

Those are a few of the discounts offered. There are many more I haven’t mentioned in this post. We are living in tough financial times. It’s important to save whenever you can. Spend wisely, my friends, and take advantage of discounts.

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  1. Inflation is on the rise and it is so important to coupon and grab as many free thins as you can. I love to coupon so that comes in handy. Good job with using your discounts.

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