A Morning on Mackinac Island

Rooster and I hopped on a ferry to Mackinac Island after we ate a good breakfast. We heard food and housing could be expensive on the island, so we planned to stay in St. Ignace and eat before we rode on one of the small boats we watched travel across Lake Huron from our motel balcony. The only thing required of us was to walk across the street toward the colorful train cars, pay our fee and wait. We stepped off the boat and walked into a world that resembled the 1800s. Motorized vehicles aren’t allowed, so the only way to get around is on foot, by bicycle, or horse and buddy. The adventure was the highlight of our trip. I divided it into two posts. Come join us on A Morning on Mackinac Island.

Our walk toward the ferry to spend A Morning on Mackinac Island.

Rooster and I stood in line, waiting for the ferry. The wind blew from the south; therefore, the wildfire smoke wasn’t an issue. This made Rooster and me happy. We worried this might be a factor like it seemed to be in St. Joe.

View from inside the ferry on our way to spend A Morning on Mackinac Island.

Rooster and I had a great view of the Mackinac Bridge in the distance. The massive structure spans five miles over the water and is the only way to cross to the Upper Peninsula except by boat. The ride over to the island was smooth.

The first view of land on A Morning on Mackinac Island.

The harbor we entered welcomed us and suggested a great day of adventure waiting once we stepped off the boat. Rooster and I both became excited. The last time we visited this place, I had a broken arm due to a motorcycle accident early in our vacation. (I will write about that sometime.) The heavy pain medication and pain made the trip less than perfect.

This is a second view of the harbor on A Morning on Mackinac Island.

The first odd thing you notice about Mackinac Island is the bicycles lining the street. There are places where a person can rent one, but for my life, I would never be able to tell which bike belonged to me. People seemed to know what they were doing. Who am i to question the method in the mist of the madness?

One of the other methods of transportation is by horse-drawn carriage. This can be expensive. Rooster and I decided we wanted the experience. The carriage would be one of our biggest expenses on this vacation, but sometimes you have to splurge. Rooster handed over the money and we spent an hour waiting. The carriage ride made up the rest of the day. i will write about it in my next blog post. See you then.

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  1. I love Mackinac and try to go every year now. my brother spend his college summers working there as a dock porter, riding bikes piled high with luggage for visitors to the hotels. his favorite job ever!

  2. The photos were wonderful. I need to visit again. I go to Port Austin often. Close to me. Michigan had so many beautiful and wonderful places to see.

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