Entry 228: Choices Before NaNoWriMo

I’ve never been good at keeping a journal. It all boils down to consistency. There are days when I skip making an entry. Life can crowd out the time I need to write down my thoughts about a day’s events. I’ve also been reluctant to pose as an expert on the writing process. If I knew anything of value about writing, my work would already be in print. I went out on a skinny limb in 2022 when I shared my 365 days of thankfulness. The exercise forced me to put myself out there with my soft belly exposed. Thank you for joining me on my journey in the written word. Therefore, I plan to keep a journal in 2023 to document my progress. I will call this post Entry 228: Choices Before NaNoWriMo.

Note: I consider editing an important part of the writing process. Editing is where all the artistry happens.

My morning writing before I started Entry 228: Choices Before NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo I worked on editing four chapters of Amazing Buchanan and the Beast this morning. I had to make some major corrections to at least two chapters. There were a few inconsistencies based on what I wrote in my rewrite. I had to bring these chapters up to speed. They must be listened to a few more times before I’m satisfied. I always go through a sad period when I get close to the end of a project. It might happen because I’m not particularly eager to let go, or maybe a void happens before I fill the space with something new. Two choices are open to me. I can spend the month before NaNoWriMo editing some short stories I plan to include in Tecumseh Street Stories, or I can work on editing the second book in the Survivor Series.

Today, my Golden Shovels are on the back burner. I need to do a great deal of posting. Unfortunately, that requires time I have to steal from somewhere else. Painting the apartments next door is taking up so much of my time. I was under the impression retirement meant relaxation.

The book I am currently reading right now and Entry 228: Choices Before NaNoWriMo

The next scene in Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth is in Monte Carlo. Selden arrives and notices Lily is there. Bertha isn’t happy that Lily is getting attention from the important people there, but she needs Lily to supply a distraction for her husband while she carries on a flirtation with Ned Silverton.

What I’m listening to right now and Entry 228: Choices Before NaNoWriMo

I didn’t finish listening to Riding With the King yesterday, so I listened to it today. The combination of B.B. King and Eric Clapton is the perfect tune to listen to during a writing and posting session.  

 Who is Molly Shea?

Molly Shea is an accomplished fictional short story writer from Indiana who writes short stories and novels about a fictional town called Tecumseh.  To read more of her short stories and adventures, click here.

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