Circus City Adventure

On a cold winter morning, Rooster and I headed for Peru, Indiana to visit Circus City Center. We had a wonderful Circus City adventure and I got the inspiration for a book. #Peru #Indiana #Ringling Brother #Barnum & Bailey #circus #clown Circus City Adventure In May of 2017, the big top of the last greatContinue reading “Circus City Adventure”

Yats Cajun-Creole Restaurant

On a snowy day, Rooster and I took a trip to Yats a Cajun-Creole restaurant In Indianapolis. We enjoyed a taste of New Orleans on a cold afternoon. #Yats #Cajun #Creole #resturant YATS Cajun-Creole restaurant On Saturday winter storm Harper showed up in our neck of the woods, and like an unwanted guest, it refusedContinue reading “Yats Cajun-Creole Restaurant”

Tecumseh UFO Sightings

This short work of fiction deals with several Tecumseh UFO sightings. These shouldn’t be taken seriously because Tecumseh is a fictional town. #short story #UFO sightings #Tecumseh #Indianam #Henhouse Tecumseh UFO Sightings It was a crisp January night. The stars glistened against the dark sky as if they were diamonds spread out on black velvet.Continue reading “Tecumseh UFO Sightings”

Guitars, Indian Motorcycles, Coney Dogs, and Fireflies

Rooster and I went on an adventure to Fort Wayne, Indiana where we experienced Guitars, Indian Motorcycles, Coney Dogs, and Fireflies. #Fort Wayne Guitars, Indian Motorcycles, Coney Dogs, and Fireflies Rooster is typically a great adventure planner, but I’m starting to worry about Rooster. For our next excursion, his suggestions ran the gamut from theContinue reading “Guitars, Indian Motorcycles, Coney Dogs, and Fireflies”

How Hoosiers Survive a Snowstorm

    In this blog, I will deal with the topic of how Hoosiers survive a snowstorm. I would like to say Rooster and I did great. #National Weather Service #Hoosers #Indiana #snowstorm How Hoosiers Survive a Snowstorm Here in Central Indiana, the first winter snowstorm is always a significant event. The minute the winterContinue reading “How Hoosiers Survive a Snowstorm”

Shipshewana Ice Festival

Rooster and I went on an adventure on a dismal day to the Shipshewana Ice Festival. We had a very awesome time. #shipshewana #Amish #Ice Festival #Dutch Cafe We are having a warm winter, but the sky has been overcast since October. There have been a few sunshiny days mixed in with the grey. TheContinue reading “Shipshewana Ice Festival”

New Orleans Memory Quilt

This Blog focuses on the New Orleans Memory Quilt I made. New Orleans is Rooster and my favorite place on planet earth. #New Orleans #crazy quilt New Orleans Memory Quilt When I was a kid, my Mama taught me how to embroidery. She was raised in Arkansas in the 1920s. In her day and age,Continue reading “New Orleans Memory Quilt”

The Litterally Divine Adventure

This blog focuses on a day trip Rooster and I took to Indianapolis and the Fountain Square neighborhood. It was a litterally Divine adventure. The Litterally Divine Adventure Rooster and I have taken on a winter quest. We are trying to discover the best writing coffee house in the state of Indiana. We climbed inContinue reading “The Litterally Divine Adventure”

Sugar Cookie Dough Search

In this adventure Rooster and I go on a last-minute search for sugar cookie dough for one of the recipes I use for Christmas morning breakfast. #sugar cookie #christmas #breakfast Sugar Cookie Dough Search The Christmas season is not my favorite time of year. I’ve even been known to be compared to the Grinch onceContinue reading “Sugar Cookie Dough Search”