The Litterally Divine Adventure

This blog focuses on a day trip Rooster and I took to Indianapolis and the Fountain Square neighborhood. It was a litterally Divine adventure. The Litterally Divine Adventure Rooster and I have taken on a winter quest. We are trying to discover the best writing coffee house in the state of Indiana. We climbed inContinue reading “The Litterally Divine Adventure”

Sugar Cookie Dough Search

In this adventure Rooster and I go on a last-minute search for sugar cookie dough for one of the recipes I use for Christmas morning breakfast. #sugar cookie #christmas #breakfast Sugar Cookie Dough Search The Christmas season is not my favorite time of year. I’ve even been known to be compared to the Grinch onceContinue reading “Sugar Cookie Dough Search”

Street Walking in New York City

In this adventure Rooster and I go street walking in New York City. Rooster gets conned, we see a lot of art, and we finally end up at the Stonewall Inn. #New York City #Soho #Queens #Austoria #Stonewall Inn #LGBT Street Walking In New York City After we finished up at the park with theContinue reading “Street Walking in New York City”

A Visit to Ground Zero and the Memorial

  On this adventure Rooster and pay a visit to Ground Zero and the Memorial. The experience moved and inspired us. #ground zero #twin towers #World Trade Center. #New York City A Visit to Ground Zero and the Memorial Sunday afternoon after church, Asa gave us a lift to Ground Zero. The last time weContinue reading “A Visit to Ground Zero and the Memorial”

The Cher Show

  Rooster and I went to our first Broadway musical.  We discovered a great adventure at The Cher Show. #New York City #Broadway #The Cher Show The Cher Show I was worried about Rooster when our son ordered tickets to a musical. His idea of entertainment doesn’t consist of people singing and dancing mixed inContinue reading “The Cher Show”

Strand Bookstore

I dedicate this blog to the wonderful New York City Institution called Strand Bookstore. It is a place where a bookaholic can read until she is filled. # New York City #Strand Bookstore #reading #writing Strand Bookstore Hi. My name is Molly Shea, and I’m a bookaholic. I’m a person obsessed with the written word.Continue reading “Strand Bookstore”

Staten Island Adventure

In our Staten Island Adventure, Rooster and I take the ferry to an Indian Dealership, with the help of Chris and Richard. #Staten Island #Staten Island Ferry #Gotham Motorcycles #Paulie’s Pizzeria Staten Island Adventure Rooster had one request regarding places he’d like to visit when we got to New York. He’s always wanted to visitContinue reading “Staten Island Adventure”

Exploring the DUMBO

(On the second day of Rooster and my trip to New York City we explored the DUMBO, It was an interesting tri[p across the bridge. #DUMBO #Brooklyn Bridge #Susan Russo Anderson) Exploring the DUMBO  I first heard about the DUMBO when I read the Fina Fitzgibbons Brooklyn Mystery series written by author Susan Russo Anderson.Continue reading “Exploring the DUMBO”