Fear of Flying

  Fear of Flying The subject of this blog is the Henhouse lady’s fear of flying and the strategies she uses to get through riding on a plane. # New York City #fear of flying @aerophobia #chickens #Delta Hens weren’t born to fly.  Chickens are blessed with wings, but they will never be compared toContinue reading “Fear of Flying”

Illusive Batwing Typewriter

Rooster became obsessed with the Batwing Typewriter. This blog focusses on his search for the antique typing machine,         What is a Batwing Typewriter? Rooster has a new hobby. My husband came across the illusive Batwing typewriter one afternoon while searching the web. These antique typing machines have a unique look, whichContinue reading “Illusive Batwing Typewriter”

The 2018 NaNoWriMo Challenge

This blog was written the night before I started the 2018 NaNoWriMo challenge. The month of November was spent typing out the 50,00 word of what became Fortune’s Revenge.  It waits on a flash drive to be edited.    The Eve Before NaNoWriMo The last of the leaves are falling from the trees. There is aContinue reading “The 2018 NaNoWriMo Challenge”

The Dreaded Colonoscopy

Molly Shea is not a doctor, but she has endured the dreaded colonoscopy procedure a number of times. It is never a pleasant adventure, but it is essential to undergo for your health. The Dreaded Colonoscopy Getting old is not for wimps. Your body starts to fall apart, and there are unfamiliar cakes and painsContinue reading “The Dreaded Colonoscopy”

Clumsy First Attempt at Creating My WordPress Blog

  Due to the drama surrounding me creating my WordPress blog, I decided to write this short entry. (I have learned a lot since this clumsy adventure. I’ve discovered WordPress has a plethora of videos and training tutorials. Their support team is also pretty awesome. Clumsy First Attempt at Creating My WordPress Blog Today IContinue reading “Clumsy First Attempt at Creating My WordPress Blog”

Bikers for Bridges Ride

This blog post tells about the Bikers for Bridges Ride. This is an annual motorcycle charity event to benefit children in our community. Bikers for Bridges If you drive down Main Street on a Sunday afternoon, you might see bikers standing outside the Walt Moss Barber Shop, They aren’t there to create mischief or mayhem.Continue reading “Bikers for Bridges Ride”

Irish Festival

Irish Festival Irish Festival is an annual event held in Indianapolis, Indiana. The entry below is an account of an adventure Rooster and I took to the event. #Claddagh Irish Pub In September, the city of Indianapolis throws a three-day event called the Irish Festival. From the New York Street side of the chain-link fenceContinue reading “Irish Festival”

Motorcycle Adventures of the Road Dogs

This blog entry is dedicated to the memory of past motorcycle adventures of the Road Dogs. When we Were Dogs The faded photographs on the shelf above my TV haunt me like a Charles Dickens ghost. When I close my eyes, I can remember loading up the bike to the music of crickets singing inContinue reading “Motorcycle Adventures of the Road Dogs”