Social Distancing Week Six

  Social Distancing Week Six This blog deals with Rooster and my experience of Social Distancing Week Six. We’re attempting to take the quarantine due to COVID-19 as an adventure. #COVID-19 #quarintine #social distancing Rooster’s theory Rooster claims the social distancing experiment evolves in stages. You begin the experience with an optimistic commitment to accomplishingContinue reading “Social Distancing Week Six”

Social Distancing Week Five

Social Distancing Week Five Rooster and I are trying to make the best of our Social Distancing Week Five. We have discovered our quarantine routine isn’t going to be easy to maintain. #covid-19 #quarantine routine #social distancing #walking We have now entered into week five of the great social distancing experiment. Everyone in the worldContinue reading “Social Distancing Week Five”

Social Distancing Week 4

This blog deals with Rooster and I social distancing week 4. At this point, week 4 is an adventure in making the best of a trying situation. #social distancing   #Covid-19 #Stephen King #Desperation #Julie Smith #The Big Crazy Social Distancing Week 4 Week three of social distancing was a little rocky. Rooster and I areContinue reading “Social Distancing Week 4”

Social Distancing week 3

Social Distancing week 3 During social distancing week 3, rooster and I took on several projects. We celebrated his birthday, I started a Stephen King novel, and we almost burnt the house down. #COVID-19 #Desperation #Stephen King #Christmas lights #grandkids #motorcycle ride Week three of social distancing has turned into the practice of living aContinue reading “Social Distancing week 3”

Social Distancing Week 2

Social Distancing Week 2 Rooster and I take social distancing Week 2 in stride. We develop projects, read, write, prepare for powerless in a storm, and get questioned by the police. #social distancing #Christmas lights #police #walking When I started my walk today, the world was alive with the spirit of Spring. The birds chirpedContinue reading “Social Distancing Week 2”

The Art Scene in Lafayette

The Art Scene in Lafayette Rooster and I took a trip to Lafayette, Indiana to look at art a week before the Coronavirus came into all our lives. #Art #Lafayette #Indiana #Fort Ouiatenon #Purdue University #Art Museum of Greater Lafayette #Fuel Coffee Shop #Artists Own The plan for our excursion to Lafayette was to checkContinue reading “The Art Scene in Lafayette”

Social Distancing Week 1

Social Distancing Week 1 This is the start of a series of blogs I wrote about Rooster and my social distancing adventures during COVID-19. #social distancing #Covid-19 #plan #New York City #SS Bazinet Rooster and I have spent a week social distancing from everyone we know and love, and we are still talking to oneContinue reading “Social Distancing Week 1”

The Tippecanoe Battlefield and Museum

The Tippecanoe Battlefield and Museum Rooster and I visited the Tippecanoe Battlefield and Museum shortly before  co-vid-19 put a stop to our ability to travel. It was an interesting adventure filled with history. #The Tippecanoe Battlefield and Museum #William Henry Harrison #Tecumseh #Tenskwatawa #Prophet’s Town#Indiana #history I have visited the Tippecanoe Battlefield & Museum severalContinue reading “The Tippecanoe Battlefield and Museum”

Triple XXX Adventure

 Triple XXX Adventure Rooter and I experienced a wonderful culinary Triple XXX Adventure before Coronavirus caused restaurants across the country to close their doors. #American diner #rootbeer #Purdue University #Chevy Spark #Triple XXX The orange and black striped exterior of the Triple XXX diner didn’t give a clue to the delicious food waiting for usContinue reading “Triple XXX Adventure”

Hoosiers Prepare for the Apocalypse

Hoosiers Prepare for the Apocalypse The world went crazy overnight, so I decided to write a blog about how Hoosiers prepare for the Apocalypse. The toilet paper shortage came as a surprise to Rooster and I. #Covid-19 #work #toilet paper #shortages #hand sanitizer I staggered into work on Monday morning, still hungover from the DaylightContinue reading “Hoosiers Prepare for the Apocalypse”