I Don’t Listen to Modern Music

I don’t listen to modern music anymore. These days, when I’m in the car or on the bike, the radio is tuned in to one of the Pandora stations I created for myself. My tastes run toward the blues, alternative country, and 1960s and early 70s rock -n- roll instead of the hip hop stuffContinue reading “I Don’t Listen to Modern Music”

Nelis’ Dutch Village

Rooster and I decided to do something corny. We paid a visit to Nelis’ Dutch Village. What we discover there was a heartwarming immigrant success story.

The “Big Red” lighthouse

When Rooster asked me what I wanted to do the evening of our anniversary, I said we should pay a visit to the “Big Red” lighthouse and take a walk on the beach. He programmed his phone’s GPS for 2215 Ottawa Beach Road, and we headed for Holland State Park. Holland State Park Rooster andContinue reading “The “Big Red” lighthouse”

The Magical Thrift Store Prom Dress

The Magical Thrift Store Pro (The Magical Thrift Store Prom Dress is a work of short fiction. I created the story for  NaNoWriMo in 2017. #Vietnam #1969 #high school prom #thrift store )  When the hinges on the backdoor screen squeaked, I almost jumped out of my skin. A book report on The Great GatsbyContinue reading “The Magical Thrift Store Prom Dress”