A Christmas Ghost Story

This post is part one of a short work of fiction called A Christmas Ghost Story. A college history professor moves his family into an old Victorian house. He fails to research the home’s dark past.   History of the house leading to A Christmas Ghost Story Mysterious events started to happen not long afterContinue reading “A Christmas Ghost Story”

Every Picture Tells a Story

 Every Picture Tells a Story is a short work of fiction written with the spirit of family and Thanksgiving in mind. The old adage you can pick your friends but not your relatives has a grain of truth. I found two old black and white photos tucked in the top drawer of my Aunt Mary’sContinue reading “Every Picture Tells a Story”

Bones in the Basement

Bones in the Basement Bones in the Basement is the conclusion to the short story entitles Quest of the Talking Bones. Stinker and Theo become a knight-errand and his scribe to find the location of the talking bones. Other short stories that include these characters are Snow Day and Quirt. It’s Halloween night We stagedContinue reading “Bones in the Basement”

Quest of the Talking Bone

Quest of the Talking Bone Quest of the Talking Bones is a short fiction about a kid who takes up the challenge to find bones hidden in the house. With the help of his faithful squire Theo, Stinker becomes a knight-errand and goes on the Quest of the Talking Bones.   The bones start toContinue reading “Quest of the Talking Bone”

The Magical Thrift Store Prom Dress

The Magical Thrift Store Pro (The Magical Thrift Store Prom Dress is a work of short fiction. I created the story for  NaNoWriMo in 2017. #Vietnam #1969 #high school prom #thrift store )  When the hinges on the backdoor screen squeaked, I almost jumped out of my skin. A book report on The Great GatsbyContinue reading “The Magical Thrift Store Prom Dress”

Twisted Grandma

This short fiction story takes places in the fictional town of Tecumseh, Indiana that involves Thanksgiving, a disgruntled Grandma with murder in her heart, a tornado, a  family secret that is hidden in a basement deep freezer. Twisted Grandma “You best get out of my kitchen, Old Man, or I’ll gut you with this knifeContinue reading “Twisted Grandma”